Recruitment of enterprises or potential business customers to detail marketing program

more and more companies need to do network marketing, and now is not to do the problem of network marketing, but how to do a good job, because this is the era of the internet. Guardian yuan Kun found a very common phenomenon: recruitment enterprise or potential business customers to detailed marketing plan, how to do this?

for traditional businesses, we all want to do the Internet, so go to the recruitment of Internet marketing staff. However, a large part of the enterprise is not to recruit people, but to get marketing programs. When the Internet practitioners to apply, we mostly talk about their marketing ideas, the framework of the entire marketing. The recruitment of enterprises will ask specific implementation methods, a little bit of a very detailed.


if it is a marketing company, there are always some potential customers will ask, what you did before the case, you have done a case scenario (detailed program, you can get rid of customer information) to us. Or is it possible for you to give us a detailed plan, and we can work together.

whether the traditional enterprises recruit people, or potential customers find the marketing company, generally can be said for the case (such as we have done, what the customer specific solutions) is generally not to see (because the enterprise idea is very simple, just want to take a look at our program details, see if you can copy). If we give the details of the program, the enterprise is also what we do? They copied the good will not be grateful, bad copy will feel that the program is useless. The guardian, Kunming found that if we don’t give a detailed plan, the answer is your business.

Internet people have very strong spirit of sharing, so the level of thinking something to share more, most of the enterprise itself has certain marketing thinking, and learn some methodology for marketing, can talk about their own ideas and thoughts. For marketing companies, most of us will provide enterprises with the framework and ideas.

if the other party does not understand, they will say: your program framework useless, because it can not be implemented, can not be landed. If the other side (for example, marketing thinking, learning methodology), your program framework is useless, because I can do. For marketing companies, given a detailed program, the other can not understand how to copy.


scene above a lot of companies have done, in order to deceive the detailed marketing program. Many marketing companies, especially individual studios have been cheated. If you encounter such a situation, as a marketing company or internet marketing practitioners, how do you do? Guardian Yuan Kun gives two suggestions:

one, ignore each other directly. In general, this is to deceive the program, not really want to recruit or want marketing services. We can ignore it.

two, direct quotation to each other. Our marketing program

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