Scene interactive SaaS service providers connected to 5 million yuan Angel round of financing

today, the domestic video intelligent analysis engine and interactive interactive SaaS service provider announced that access to 5 million yuan Angel round of financing, the investor is Beijing crown Century Investment fund. Through the optic communication technology, can make the machine automatic recognition in video scene analysis, the article, which surrounds the parties of film and television industry brought various modes of publicity and promotion of interaction, improve the liquidity of advertising.


connectivity (Beijing as connectivity Technology Co. Ltd.) was founded in 2015, is committed to the depth of data mining to provide video, video objects (including merchandise, characters and scenes etc.) service application mode of intelligent identification and derivative. From the video analysis of the object through the scene interactive SaaS services and advertising implants, electricity providers, games and social combination of new business value. The technologies involved include scene recognition, biometrics, pan object recognition, big data, deep learning, VR/AR and other computer vision, intelligent human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence related fields. Fixed point technology has been done before the introduction, poke here.

communication technology can be directly involved in the entertainment industry in the pre production process, in film and television production, advertising investment, promotion and other pre issuance process, according to the needs of the technical support directly connected through the optic embedded advertising, games, activities, social scene etc.. In the user experience based on visual communication technology in the production of film and television works, can directly click on the index in the video content, realistic style game enhanced interaction with the video scene objects, characters, and characters in the video scene or goods, interact participates in various interesting. The realization of these functions depend on the treatment of human flesh, a frame of a frame of high cost, not only by the large scale, large advertisers were put in some popular drama realization. And now depending on the connectivity of technical solutions, relying on computer vision, depth of learning and other technical means, the most cost of the work by the machine automatically completed. After greatly reducing costs, but also for the film and television brings a new form of entertainment and a broader business model space.


can be effectively extracted quickly with low cost in the video scene, video advertising will be the formation of exponential growth, the advertising model will also usher in a comprehensive innovation, which will affect the volume of various forms of advertising market, advertising and game two industries on the basis of this attack to change.

visual connectivity of the target customer is the content of the video industry producers, advertisers, all kinds of broadcast platform and a wider range of electricity providers, social and information service providers. Let each segment of the video produce new value. At present, as the technology is still connected continuous iteration, the ongoing cooperation and docking in-depth with the number of the copyright side, advertising platform and video platform, and has storm technology, blue cursor, gravitational media reached cooperation intention and began docking commercialization.

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