Diamond network sales case analysis

at noon today to see the central 2 sets of wealth stories will be broadcast on the growth of the story of the diamond bird, I feel very useful as a sample to analyze the success of the store sales model.

let’s take a look at the traditional sales model. Diamond as a very high value of goods, at present China is still mainly in the physical store sales, because the natural attribute of diamonds of this commodity, the transaction is a typical credit transaction, and stores so that consumers can feel, touch the merchandise and salesperson professional, can be reduced the credit transaction cost, increase the symmetry of information, but the store is terminal consumer oriented, a series of supply chain on the front to have profit, resulting in the store decoration, personnel, inventory funds Zhanya costs expenses and profits, the final consumer oriented diamond price is very high, but in parenthesis, entity shop also provides convenience for the needs of consumers, as long as the payment of a certain price, you can get Goods needed.

to see the traditional diamond sales model, let us on the diamond bird growth analysis.

first, the most important thing is to solve the credit system. Know the network trade is clear, online sales is different from physical sales available online for goods only sensory pictures, and no pictures can true reaction in kind, I looked at the "Diamond bird" records, because its goods pictures and physical differences were given. And our consumption of the heart is seeing is real, on the diamond, its value is very high, the importance of this issue is self-evident, it can be said that this is the bottleneck of diamond sales.

people have doubts about the unknown, so it is necessary to crack down on people’s trust in the products they sell. Therefore, in the first two months of her online sales in a deserted house, no one orders. And the biggest problem for potential consumers is "is it true?" and the TV show doesn’t start with how she can solve the problem of trust.

we all know, in the absence of credit based conditions, when the other side of the cooperation of their own trust issues, people tend to use the power of third parties to reach a deal, such as security. The diamond bird has some advantages in this article, the most urgent is the need for online consumer trust. I was given the way to solve the problem is the diamond insurance, the idea of borrowing such as insurance companies to insurance diamonds, to solve this problem. We can see that the network transaction is not a good platform, network sales platform does not give consumers a guarantee, are CtoB or CtoC transaction mode, no third party trading tools. So at that time in order to reach a deal, there must be a transaction of credit protection mechanism, when the diamond bird brand accumulation is zero, that is, the consumer’s understanding of zero

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