How to create a deep word of mouth marketing help website fast running

whenever a new product line on the website, do not know whether you want to set up as a webmaster of word-of-mouth marketing, word-of-mouth marketing can effectively promote the development of the website, but this method can’t be used for a long time, in the word-of-mouth marketing behind the deeper level of word-of-mouth marketing, word-of-mouth alone is like a hotel only a dishes, a short time may have a good development, but the disadvantages of a long time alone word-of-mouth marketing fully emerged.


product line before we can establish product marketing plan through word-of-mouth marketing alone, such as we are marketing a new product, so we can add three elements: 1 is imported, 2 is good effect, is also to 3. This is the first word of mouth marketing template: when I was in Italy, with * * (product name), the feeling is very good for a period of time, now back home want to continue to use, and the foreign purchasing not convenient, do not know where to buy at home? "/p>

this appeared the first word of mouth marketing, the template describes the products I use is Italy goods, and has been used very well, and now want to use the value of the product is very high. This will cause 30% of users interested in the majority of users, these elements are enough to impress him, let alone these three elements look so real. But this kind of independent word of mouth marketing after a period of time will find: the user is less and less, the product sales volume is getting lower and lower, this time what should we do?

establish deep marketing requirements we can through well-known websites, well-known brands and so on to shape. For example, you want to sell products, so we can use the domestic well-known Sohu, NetEase,, Tencent and so on to publicity, the authenticity of the product promotion can increase the product in the portal, had a friend through a sales news on the same day increased by 20%, while now these sites brand intensity has decreased, but the effect is still there, can be appropriate for use.

we can also through the information platform for sharing, I like in the city to rent the same reason, I first went to the local real estate network but not information publishing platform, 58, Ganji became my site, and in the sale of products is a truth, we can publish the information in a lot of information products publishing platform, but also through the establishment of information sharing in the Baidu encyclopedia, one point: to allow more users to see more word of mouth, through the side confirmed the validity and the authenticity of the product, ensure that the products can be sold and sales.

last but not least, we can build their own products through the official website official authorization, authorization has many benefits, 1, improve the website authority, 2, improve the authenticity of the site, 3, to improve the website sales. Taobao’s friends should be very clear, there are a lot of Taobao authorized shop, and those authorized shop rankings and sales are >

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