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UAV, Amazon wants you to help them deliver

according to the Wall Street Journal reported that the U.S. electricity supplier giant Amazon also want to do crowdsourcing logistics, they are planning a mobile phone application to improve their logistics system. The inside is named "On My Way" project looks is divided into two parts: on the one hand, Amazon will pay a fee to the ordinary people so that they become their own "temporary staff"; on the other hand, they also want to hire more retail stores as their own warehouse. However, more details and specific timetable has not been revealed, Amazon spokesman declined to comment.

In the past

and the convenience store from mentioning the business, Amazon’s new Crowdsourcing logistics should look more like Jingdong in March this year launched "take home", also is to let staff from the adjacent line store delivery, sent to buyers in an hour. At that time, Jingdong founder Liu Qiangdong said in an interview at the Boao forum for Asia, to launch square dance aunt to deliver.

recently "Daily" reporters curiosity also joined the "take home" experience a day delivery experience, the whole project is very similar to the Uber model, allowed to participate in the "Crowdsourcing distribution" grab a single line and charge a fee, but the use of experience and business logic are questions.

in fact, Amason has been faced with tremendous pressure on logistics costs, logistics costs last year up to $8 billion 700 million, accounting for 9.8% of total sales, compared with the previous year, an increase of 31%, much higher than the total revenue growth. Therefore, in the era of man-machine delivery before the Crowdsourcing way to control the cost of logistics and warehousing seems imminent, Amazon last year in San Francisco had test by taxi and limousine driver Uber delivery.

crowdsourcing logistics is not a new concept, the company has been trying crowdsourcing logistics development is not too smooth.

in early 2013, the line retail giant WAL-MART has launched a Crowdsourcing logistics project, through to the WAL-MART supermarket customers a discount, and encourage them to do the WAL-MART distribution member delivery for the online shopping users, but the results were not significant, at present most of the online shopping goods WAL-MART UPS still rely on these professional logistics and distribution company the. A year ago Uber is also trying to put the car driver into the distribution member into the Crowdsourcing logistics field, but the years of frustration, a series of Miss apple and Starbucks single distribution.

everyone wants to achieve Crowdsourcing logistics, but has failed to become the climate, because the face of this service obviously difficult: how to ensure the goods in good condition, and timely and smooth delivery? How to let users trust the "temporary"


Jingdong’s home will be in advance to the distribution staff for a simple training, and in the distribution of staff can not complete the task of timely delivery by full-time staff in 30 >

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