Do not turn the local big coffee industry after 90 fun Chengdu woman matchmaker

"do not turn the local big coffee industry", this is a 90 girl often hung in the mouth.



is editor of Chengdu matchmaker microsignal Huaxi city network’s, she led her team matchmaker, with more than 3 months, the Chengdu matchmaker (WeChat public cdhnlove) made a marriage O2O platform fans to break twenty thousand, a strong user stickiness.

today, Chengdu has the matchmaker ease between the businesses and users easily organize people blind to the general assembly, hotel, restaurant, travel agencies have come to seek cooperation, the 3 90 girls team, to play the dating experience, the fans play into community, put money into play to enjoy.

3 months to build the most reliable dating platform

in February 14th this year, Valentine’s day, the Huaxi city network channel wedding planning a blind date, is still in the gestation period of Chengdu matchmaker accumulation of the first batch of fans. With the WCC resources, Huaxi City three years of experience in community, the pace of Chengdu matchmaker started off well.

"in the introduction, we have been careful planning and comprehensive consideration, then the end user PC decline is emerging, the mobile terminal is growing, just WeChat normalizing, we chose WeChat public account form." Mimi said, Chengdu matchmaker is to "do big coffee industry cannot turn the place", "we are based in Chengdu local, do real and reliable dating platform."

because of the privacy considerations, Chengdu matchmaker will "confidentiality" into the platform characteristics, "one to one" secret service "guarantee" offline dating lie "has become Chengdu’s three core weapons matchmaker.

in Chengdu this day in addition to the matchmaker, WeChat push the guest information, the male and female guests are kept confidential, even "headlines" male and female guests, its admirers only through the "private little matchmaker" (male god goddess to headline) contact. At the other end of WeChat, the matchmaker team and the male and female guests to communicate quickly obtain guest requests, accurate and efficient matchmaking.

public number one month after the launch, Chengdu matchmaker fans broke the 7000, but the Chengdu team rose only 3 people, how to maintain the matchmaker team has been cited that proud interactive push


micro even helped me. Even WeChat is micro marketing platform system a Huaxi city network of independent research and development, to provide a series of functions based on the platform of WeChat public, including smart reply, WeChat 3G website and interactive marketing activities, membership management, online orders, statistics system. The matchmaker team quickly use this system.

interactive dialogue and push


for ordinary users, the WeChat public account is the one push to send a bunch of information, the user can only in this

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