Tmall live 1111 yuan to grab the red double 11 Alipay red password looting

we all know this year 11 red rain is very fierce, the main venue of Tmall red, Alipay password red, Tmall broadcast red packets and so on welfare, Alipay red, Tmall live red rain is the new play this year double eleven. But do you know how to grab a red envelope? Some users may not be very clear, Xiao Bian in this arrangement to everyone.

1 red envelopes, coupons, traffic coupons received:

copy of this message [$AAPkiLoz $open Taobao mobile phone to enter the venue to grab a red envelope] to share increased and the number of large grab red win red oh.

2 Alipay Red Raiders

October 28th 00:05 [double 11 fashion]

October 28th 12:00 [double eleven fashion]

October 29th 00:05 [double 11 intelligence]

October 29th 12:00 [double eleven fashion]

October 30th 00:05 [double 11 Raiders]

October 30th 12:00 [dual 11 pre-sale]

October 31st 00:05 [double 11 will grab]

October 31st 12:00 [double 11 live]

continued to update

3 Tmall live red rain

1 to open the phone Tmall APP after the following figure interface, click on the yellow box marked double entry of the eleven activities into the 2016 double eleven main will often


2 click on the main venue of the live event entrance to watch live.


three, watching Tmall live grab red


is a new play live red rain this year eleven, unlike the usual just grab, but need to watch the Tmall live, waiting for the time to gather popularity, businesses will trigger the red rain, just waiting for the red rain falls, click on the screen to get red envelopes.

1 Watch Tmall live


2 grab red rain

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