mprove the mobile phone real name system is of far reaching significance for the development of mob

3G, along with the rapid development of Internet technology, network integration, mobile Internet gradually developed into integration, open and shared network platform, bigger capacity, media and intelligent mobile phone has become a new manufacturing and content providers, will carry more and more browsing, search, interactive, and other types of business transactions. The emergence of interaction and transaction business, it is necessary for the main body of the identity of the real, honest behavior, which is an important part of the establishment of social credit system. Therefore, it is of far-reaching significance for mobile phone users is currently being implemented, will help improve the social credit system on the one hand, on the other hand, the mobile phone real name system will become the foundation of e-commerce, online games, online shop, buy train tickets and other real name system.

in September 1st last year, has attracted public attention for mobile phone users in the formal implementation. However, due to the massive non real name users to real name information for board work great, if users are forced to own office for board, the board, not only caused huge cost pressure to operators, also do not accord with the green low-carbon environmental protection policy, but can not guarantee the security of user information. Because of the lack of a more scientific and efficient low-cost solutions, the entire real name system to promote the speed and effectiveness of the work is not satisfactory. At the same time, the implementation of this real name system cycle is too long, but also led to the implementation of the real name system after a long time the user will still be spam messages and other harmful information infringement, resulting in the real name system effect greatly reduced.

so, how to implement real name system mobile phone? We need to see is that China has not yet established the basic personal credit system, mobile phone real name system as a new initiative, in the implementation process are non real name users of large scale, heavy workload, high cost, and many problems in both the industrial chain of interests. If the mobile phone real name system is not good, then the Internet trading, online games, train tickets and other real name system is also impossible to talk about, which is bound to affect the integrity of the building process of society. And Japan, Korea, Germany, the United States and other countries, for example, these countries are the first to complete the real name system through the market approach, the government through legislation to improve the integrity of the whole social system. Because our country has not yet formulated the relevant laws, resulting in the implementation of the process of unclear responsibilities, the government departments to monitor the passive, the relevant provisions are difficult to implement. At the same time, the enforcement may also cause people to produce a negative social ideology of the negative emotions, which results in violation of the real intention of the policy system. In this context, we must mobilize the enthusiasm of all sectors of the industry chain, to meet the needs of all parties, in order to meet the development of the real name system in line with China’s characteristics.

in the real name system can enforce the situation, the government should co-ordinate the overall situation, led by the construction of a unified "real name management platform", the process of implementation of effective supervision of the real name system by means of advanced information technology, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises and the public, the real name system can work to ensure that the national security. To avoid business risks, and promote the healthy development of the telecommunications industry.

in fact, there are already many good practices can be used for reference. By industry and

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