Biography Tencent electricity supplier in the region to challenge Jingdong

brewing, after years of adjustment, the electricity supplier Tencent finally officially deployed the front, front joined the business platform battle group. Last week, it invited the more than and 300 oriented businesses, announced that its QQ online shopping platform open.

years of business development in the past period of Hurricane loss, a Tencent business trying to "leap" development. Tencent business CEO Wu Xiaoguang said, their development path to choose "steep Everest North Slope in spite of difficulties, but more, after the first opportunity.

Tencent business that emboldened strong support group to give capital, flow, data services, they also have a strong desire to attack. According to informed sources, since August in Southern China will be fast and easy to Jingdong to revolt, in the year of the region to catch up with rivals, followed by personal competition area.

Penguin clues

Tencent has a huge business empire, but there are still a few areas it has yet to stand in the front row, the electricity supplier is one of them.

industry data show that the Tencent original layout B2C QQ mall transactions amounted to 5 billion 200 million yuan, plus the pat Network, close to 30 billion yuan, while Ali’s B2C Tmall mall will have 92 billion yuan, there are 600 billion trading volume.

, however, in the penguin Empire, the weight of the electricity supplier sector is increasing. Tencent this year, a quarterly show, the electricity supplier 750 million yuan revenue exceeded the advertising business.

Tencent group also hopes more. Ma Huateng at the end of last year in the internal staff meeting to praise the electricity supplier business, said, this year, Tencent has proved that he is not without electricity supplier genes".

how to chase the leading position in the industry? Flow is an important "killer Tencent".

from 2009 to 2011, Tencent invested a series of B2C companies, such as a wholly owned acquisition of fast and easy to buy good music to buy, Ke Lan diamond, etc.. After the completion of the acquisition, began to flow into which. Yi Xun CEO Bu Guangqi said that Tencent holdings Yi Xun a year and a half, fast and easy orders increased significantly 10 times.

iResearch survey data show that Yi Xun network in 2011 sales of 2 billion 370 million yuan, second only to Jingdong, Suning, ranked in the field of e-commerce 3C.

through the exploration and layout, the Tencent business formed three layers, namely the underlying C2C form of the pat Network, middle to small and medium sized B2B2C form QQ mall, while the top is independent of the formation of B2C super online shopping platform.

, however, this architecture is not ideal. For example, pat, QQ mall is still based on the C2C framework to build, mainly to store display, due to the habit of Tencent to promote the flow of promotional information, resulting in sales and promotional activities are too high.

from last December to May this year, Tencent electricity supplier began to adjust. Wu Xiaoguang (Tencent electricity supplier holding company CEO) to determine the electricity supplier for Tencent

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