Alibaba intends to provide mobile communication services from June this year

[Abstract] from the beginning of May, users will be able to register online Alibaba Group phone number, the starting number is 170".

Tencent in April 18th compiled

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Alibaba group’s information website Alizila provides information, Alibaba group will start in June this year to provide mobile communications services, including voice calls and 3G data services. From the beginning of May this year, users will be able to register online Alibaba Group phone number, the starting number is 170". Alibaba’s voice and 3G data services through its and Tmall sales network, and can be purchased through the company’s alipay.


Group subsidiary million net is one of the first 11 companies of mobile virtual network operators license, is also the first to announce detailed service plan of the company. China’s Ministry of industry is currently seeking to enhance market competition, lower service prices, provide better customer service. According to the issuance of virtual operators license, the 11 companies will be able to resell China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom telecommunications services. Alibaba group will cooperate with the three operators.

Alibaba group said in a statement, the company will maximize and transparent to the user to provide telecommunications packages and services. The company will then release more details. Although still a major e-commerce company, but Alibaba group has been in the field of digital media, finance, social networking and other Internet related fields with investment and acquisitions. This year, Alibaba group has spent more than $2 billion acquisition of a network map company, a chain of stores and a stock company.


group is the largest shareholder of YAHOO on Tuesday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted to the 8-K documents show that in 2013 fourth quarter gross profit was $2 billion 370 million, up 73% year-on-year; revenue of $3 billion 58 million, a year-on-year increase of 66%; net profit amounted to $1 billion 360 million, representing a growth of 110%. YAHOO currently holds about 24% stake in Alibaba group.

with the release of this financial report, Alibaba group 2013 full year financial data have been disclosed. Statistics show that Alibaba in the first quarter of 2013, second quarter and the third quarter revenues were $1 billion 380 million, $1 billion 737 million, $1 billion 780 million. Integration of four quarter results, Alibaba group in 2013 full year revenue of $7 billion 950 million. Alibaba 2013 four quarter net profit of $680 million, $717 million, $801 million and $1 billion 364 million, the annual net profit amounted to $3 billion 562 million.

Alibaba group announced last month, will start the United States initial public offering (IPO) process. > Arriba

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