The rural electricity supplier talent shortage over a million monthly No one shows any interest in

Electricity supplier

east northwest countryside, talent is not the solution to the countryside; in addition to vigorously carry out training, should also provide high quality soft environment

rural electricity supplier talent is hard to find   the Yangcheng Evening News reporter Wang Junwei photo (picture)

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Chen Jiang Intern

in mountain area of Qingyuan city held the first day before the O2O youth business section, the main rural electricity supplier. The reporter saw at the meeting, the 63 local agricultural enterprises, in addition to promote products, many also played a huge advertisement. These rural electricity supplier enterprises wages are not low, such as electricity supplier operating manager positions monthly salary of over ten thousand yuan.


Ali, Jingdong and other giants in the eastern Northwest Rural staking, many white-collar workers, college graduates and migrant agricultural enterprises have begun to net new business, but the talent development experience of rural electricity supplier in Northwest Guangdong shortage dilemma, some enterprises to spend money still attract the right talent.


no one to pay high

electricity supplier companies worry about

this year the no.1files "support business, logistics, commerce and finance and other enterprises to participate in the construction of agricultural e-commerce platform. To carry out a comprehensive demonstration of e-commerce into rural areas". This is the central document for third consecutive years to promote the development of rural e-commerce. Recently, the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of transport and other 19 departments jointly issued a document to further promote the development of rural e-commerce.

e-commerce industry belongs to the intelligence intensive industries, the need for a large number of high-quality technical personnel to understand the practical. Whether it is just a business venture, or has already formed the scale electricity supplier in the electricity supplier personnel to sigh, for the relatively high-end talent, the enterprise is more competitive.

reporter in rural e-commerce Industrial Park in Qingyuan met a rural electricity supplier boss, he worked in the Pearl River Delta, this year to return home entrepreneurship. He told reporters, back home to engage in rural electricity providers, high logistics costs, which is expected to start before the business, but can not find a suitable electricity supplier operators, but a little unprepared.

in order to attract electricity supplier talent, he spared no expense. I give the level of treatment in the Pearl River Delta region are competitive. Like electricity supplier operations manager, I gave a monthly salary of 12000 yuan, returned to his company shares." He said that the average price of 5000 yuan per square meter in Qingyuan urban area / square meter less, this income is absolutely high in the local level. But a few months later, still did not recruit the right talent.

Qingyuan rural e-commerce Industrial Park is currently settled in 36 enterprises. Deputy general manager of Industrial Park, Ms. Cheng told reporters that the park and her business exchanges, said that although the logistics of a little expensive, but the most headaches or talent scarcity. The most missing is the art and operation. Our industrial park hired 4 artists, for the enterprises in the park to share a solution as pressing danger. "

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