Players have to join but why the fresh electricity supplier can not break out

Abstract: fresh must be the world — this sentence has spread widely in the traditional retail sector. Today, this golden rule in the Internet business circles still work. However, the unresolved industry pain points, before the establishment of a healthy business model, fresh O2O have a long All sufferings have their reward. process.


fresh be the world — this sentence has spread widely in the traditional retail sector. Today, this golden rule in the Internet business circles still work. As a "virgin land" of domestic electricity supplier only, no matter from the capital level or consumption level, fresh electricity seems to have ushered in the golden season of development.

According to

China electronic commerce research center monitoring data show that in recent years Chinese fresh electricity supplier transactions is increasing rapidly, is expected in 2018 will exceed 230 billion yuan deal size. Comprehensive electricity supplier to the Jingdong, Tmall, Amazon, the 1st shop on behalf of the competing layout fresh business, the original life, every day, D Mall orchard vertical fresh electricity supplier is won by capital sought, hundreds of millions of dollars in financing.

fresh market arms race – five legions of their respective battalions

if the fresh electricity supplier is divided into different historical stages, from 2005 to 2012 can be described as the first phase of the development of the industry. In the meantime easy fruit net, Tootoo niche platform began to copy the traditional mode of electricity providers to fresh fields; from 2012 to 2013 is regarded as the second stage of development of the industry, promote the social media and mobile Internet, SF preferred, original life army B2C, C2C and O2O continue to explore the multiple mode of fresh electricity supplier; since 2013 ushered in the development of the third stage, with Tmall, Jingdong and other Internet giants influx of fresh electricity gradually from small to large and beautiful to change, covering almost all fresh category, the industry entered the resource integration and pattern change stage.

today, Chinese fresh electricity market temporarily formed several camps and pursued their Zhanshanweiwang situation.

first camp: large-scale integrated electricity supplier platform leader: Tmall

throughout the domestic large-scale comprehensive business platform, Tmall, Jingdong, one store, Amazon,, no one did not get involved in fresh electricity supplier. This huge camp players have several major advantages: 1 traffic accumulation brings the advantages of the entrance; the accumulation of the advantages of the trust brought about by the accumulation of the 2 brands; the precipitation of the user habits of consumption advantage of 3.

However, despite the numerous advantages of

, but A big tree strikes roots deeply., integrated platform is still unable to eliminate its fresh shame. This kind of game player camp tend to platform layout patterns of fresh, commodity criteria to food safety issues, individual businesses can not guarantee the supply chain, from the source to control such problems as a platform for the future development lay hidden.

second camp: vertical fresh electronic business platform leader: originally living network