Secret diamond electricity supplier hidden cost of Art 70% purchase by smuggling


] a diamond billion state power network price of tens of dollars, you dare to buy? The identification certificate of all kinds, you know? Really diamond from South Africa than other countries producing better quality


day before, with many diamond industry veteran communication, billion state power network found that diamond as a high-end consumer goods, online fraud cases can not be ignored, it is really "deep water".

material fraud Lowballing

, a senior diamond seller to billion state power network said that currently there are a lot of price a few yuan diamond Taobao, these are not a real diamond, but in zircon, Moissanite and diamond material posing as diamond sales.

the seller pointed out that the diamond as a high-end consumer goods, the price will not be cheap, in addition to a special case of a minimum weight, the market price of 500 yuan in the following diamonds can be determined to be false. "The wholesale price of zircon is 20 Fen, and the equivalent weight of the diamond price may be tens of thousands."

zircon, Moissanite and diamond is very similar in appearance, without experience it is difficult for consumers to distinguish with the naked eye. The seller described above, there is a simple way to distinguish between true and false drilling is: look at the business of the sale of diamonds is equipped with a professional certification bodies issued certificates, generally have a certificate of the basic can be judged is true drilling.

Taobao sold cheap diamond

certificate fraud shoddy

however, billion state power network in the further understanding to the attention process, although the identification certificate, can determine buy is a real diamond, but because of the different grade of diamond prices differ greatly, so there are also businesses playing attention certificate. Insiders pointed out that currently there are thousands of diamond identification certificate issued by the state, including the organization level identification, the provincial agency issued, and many universities issued certificates, "gold content" is very different.

A common phenomenon of

currently online is a business to take "inferior" certificate "fool" consumers. On the one hand, the lower level of the identification of the amount of each certificate issued by the agency, businesses can save costs. On the other hand, in the process of identification of the low level of identification agencies, businesses are more likely to pass relations, bribery and other means of gray, the diamond rating by a low-key high. On the contrary, the high level of identification bodies are very strict audit, almost no similar situation.

According to the

COO diamond bird Liu Shihao, is currently the most popular industry recognized GIA diamond grading certificate issued by the Gemological Institute of America, as well as issued by the national jewelry quality supervision and inspection center of the NGTC diamond grading certificate (commonly known as the national inspection certificate).

In addition to

, what is more, a direct copy of the certificate authority GIA and other authorities. In this case, the industry also provides suggestions: in the case of GIA, GIA for the issue of each diamond certificate has a unique code, by laser in the diamond.