Sales decline in May experts said the upcoming adjustment

group purchase website from the outbreak of 10 years to today’s development, gradually tend to be stable, or so large, small fraction of the total. Domestic buy site, users and buy navigation mark is also famous for about a dozen or so. In previous years, has been the trend of the development of the group buying site, but in May of this year fell a pit. There has been a decline, which is the group 800 released data:

at the end of May, the number of domestic group purchase website approximately 4500, 40 of the total sales of the main city group purchase is 649 million yuan, 650 million in April and the results compared to a step back. In addition, in May the number of buy significantly reduced compared to the year April, the number of times to buy to buy also decreased by 20% compared with the previous year, and the top ten of the average monthly growth rate of the group buying site fell by 5%.

According to statistics, in May to buy a total of 18 million 60 thousand passengers, compared with the figure of the number of people in the year of April, compared to nearly 20% in the number of open group, in May for the period of 21037, compared with a decrease of nearly 1% in April, nearly 21 million 880 thousand. In the case of little change in average discount, the decrease in the number of consumers will inevitably lead to a decline in sales. An important reason for this month’s sales growth is an increase in the number of people to buy and buy activities have varying degrees of reduction.

in May, there are a lot of festivals, mother’s day, labor day, youth day, is a shopping hot period, but the data decline, but also proved that many netizens to rational consumption, better at the same time, analysts pointed out that this is more than two years, appeared in May the only group purchase business season a stagnant growth, it may indicate that the hot group purchase market ushered in a period of adjustment.

In the tumult of the

group purchase business circle, how many times shouting "thousand group war, finally only the main station", but in fact, still exist a variety of group purchase website, really began to adjust? Perhaps, so much in front of the statement did not become reality, also it’s hard to tell the crowd.

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