The electronic commerce enterprise shall prepare the cold winter coat for the winter

with the arrival of winter, the hot summer e-commerce sites have begun to gradually cool down, it seems that with the gradual change in the season of winter.

e-commerce winter hit

what is the key word of this year’s e-commerce website? – no doubt, that is "layoffs". From the beginning of the second half of the year, the major domestic group purchase websites have been caught in a collective downsizing cycle: "happy group purchase" in one fell swoop laid off hundreds of employees, " layoffs 25%…… As a national commodity city of Yiwu, it is inevitable that the phenomenon of e-commerce website layoffs. Insiders said, the electronic commerce website is a sign of layoffs, perhaps after a booming e-commerce industry, a sudden turn for the worse.

so, what causes the scenery has electronic commerce to have unlimited layoffs misery? It is understood that the electronic commerce website has been able to scale expansion in a short period of time, is to rely on a huge amount of money based advertising offensive. All businesses have adopted " unconventional " means at blood draw users had bigger volume, enough money to play ultra cheap goods, attract more capital into, seek listing. The electronic commerce website in addition to money advertising to improve the awareness, the number of employees, the company is still in business and other aspects of the rapid expansion of the scale of website. Now, e-commerce sites into a huge amount of advertising costs as a result, but it is not profitable, so layoffs is an important way to think about cost cutting.

, executive vice president of the Yiwu municipal network association Chen Yufei said, "the electronic commerce enterprise as the rapid growth of the bamboo shoots after a spring rain", whether it is the management system and operation mechanism are not mature. Although the scale of the site continues to expand, but the management capacity and operational capacity can not be matched. Such enterprises listed on the performance of the capital market based on the pressure, will continue to put the money from the capital market to continue to invest in the endless vicious competition.

e-commerce website should go from here

so, the emergence of e-commerce sites layoffs trend means that the winter has come of e-commerce


analysts pointed out that from the initial fame to now have layoffs, China e-commerce " Pandora’s box " has been quietly opened, burn the leader of the era is gone. In order to make a breakthrough in e-commerce, it is necessary to work hard on pattern innovation and resource integration.

in spite of this, most people are optimistic about the future of e-commerce, that winter is only temporary. According to the Yiwu large third party e-commerce B2B platform – China Yiwu foreign trade network, the relevant person in charge, from the current data, the current e-commerce boom continues. Although some e-commerce business recession, but it has a great relationship with the enterprise itself, belonging to the normal survival of the fittest, and the industry does not have much relationship; the person in charge also said that enterprises in