One way to break through the bottleneck of fans to expand the influence of the media brand

any one project, do more people, it is difficult to make money; any one industry, do people, the original intention to change. As if from the media, since the original intention of the media is to share knowledge, and now it has become a pure money. A media operator from the operation of a number of platforms is normal, the operation of multiple accounts is normal, but the operation of a number of accounts of different industries, you are sure you still write articles to share it?

no matter what a self media platform, I as an Internet person, also know what the industry can win the eye account more, what kind of articles attract visitors more, get into too much, I was going to do from the media account, and is a cross industry, but I give up, because I do the media since the original intention was to record their own internet life, share a little of their knowledge, to help more people, rather than to get more advertising platform to curry favour by claptrap, divided into.

of course I’m not a philanthropist, I do value from the media platform is the long-term interests — the establishment of self star brand, so I have to share today is the content about a method to expand the brand influence, leveraging media. These two words are a lot of people mentioned, but they just tell you to go with celebrity force to promote their own, but not to tell you, if with celebrity, and then with the help of celebrity, how should you attract and retain your fans, and I am here today is to detail "leveraging" the way.

a lot of people from the media after the development of a period of time to give up, give up the reasons are generally three:

1 is unable to consistently deliver valuable, high-quality content;

2 gains from the platform is much lower than their own "heard";

3 met fans bottleneck, unable to break through their circle.

There are two reasons for

‘s first two questions:

1 of your own knowledge is too small, want to share more knowledge, but their mind had been "empty", no longer can share things;

2 and you do have a certain relationship from the media industry, such as a gossip entertainment account will generally be greater than the amount of reading a scientific and technological knowledge;

There are two


1 continue to learn new knowledge, enrich themselves, so that his brain has always been "inventory";

2 people to see the article amount of high quality and high reading, then "unconscionable" pseudo original, Bo eyeball;

these two points are not the focus of today, I am talking about today is the third point: breaking the bottleneck fans. The reason why we meet the fans bottleneck, because we put ourselves in their own circle. Two days ago to see an article said: "why is the Internet grassroots big coffee seldom appear in the media platform?", the author is of the opinion that because of this "

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