Summary of common free website promotion methods

for us to do personal site webmaster, website promotion is not an easy thing. The reason is because I do all the work site are you a person to complete, such as not only do the editing, and landscaping, but also do promotion, for personal website owners, these are not the most difficult, the most difficult is because we put on the site is often limited, (this is the I want to ha site ( The original new wind station. So like the website advertising) in the media is not possible (such as Baidu, Sohu that spring night in advertising), so we have to find ways to free website promotion method! Several free website promotion methods I summed up the following:

1 email signature. Send your web site address as a signature to your friend every time you send an email (this effect is not very good)

2 link exchange. Link exchange this is more difficult, especially for the new station, this is more difficult. The reason is because your PR value is too low Links no one is willing to exchange with you, as I want this new webmaster haha. But it is a risk for low weight Never mind website for your keywords ranking good friend is worse, because it might do for Links with your site to be search engine punishment cause you


3 write soft. In his experience, his own site to join the soft! This effect is good, because a good soft Wen will be many sites are, so that you can increase the chain


4 forum promotion. This method is also more effective, especially for Google keyword ranking, I remember that I am in the use of the forum to promote the experience of the summary, the article, such as detailed. Of course, this also has a certain risk, specifically to see the use of the forum to promote the experience summary of this article!

5 blog. This method is also good. In particular, like Sina blog such a great power, the search engine updates frequently blog, especially for new sites are included in the search engine has a good effect!

6 comments and comments on other people’s websites. This effect is said to become poor, do the method is as follows: the user name you want to popularize the use of keywords, your site will fill in your web site, this method once the keywords ranking is good, but can now do this blog is less and less, like Baidu’s HI

can do this!

7 posted in Baidu post bar. The effect is better, this method can bring you traffic directly, you want to send the post to have attractive content, and then leave the site you want to promote organic. However, this method is a bit risky, because it is Baidu’s products, and most of our website traffic is the source of Baidu, so if you have been too aggressive, easy to be punished!

8 in Baidu know, Sina ask, YAHOO knowledge hall and so on in the answer.

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