Small fish soft Wen how do you see

now the Internet, hard advertising has not been accepted by everyone, it can be said, if you do not write soft, you will lose competitiveness. However, for soft Wen, how should we look at


I can always see some so-called webmaster, very "wisdom", also very "justice"". Once there is soft Wen, he will not hesitate to point out: This is the soft Wen, identification finished, and then he will quickly to identify other articles, it seems that his job is to help others identify soft.

but it’s sad. As a webmaster, especially just started the webmaster, your first task is what? Some people say is crazy hair chain? That is what I said SEO pollution; some people say is a good site?. However, I think, before doing a good job in the site, a webmaster should learn! Often a webmaster’s own quality, can be reflected from his website. If you are creative, and is willing to learn, then your website and I believe that in 1, 2 years will be very well! But if you put your "wisdom" in other places, such as special help others to identify what is soft, you can have what


I want to say, a good soft Wen is very creative, it took a lot of thoughts, why can’t we go to study? Why do we always hold a "master" mentality to identify, to criticize, but not holding modestly heart to explore, to understand the subtleties? This soft, shouldn’t you be learning


I believe that with the experience in won’t easily to judge a good soft Wen; instead, they will be good, recommended as a web page! What is their purpose? Don’t they see this is soft? Are you better than experience? They hope that we can learn from these good soft Wen, learn creative. But often a lot of things and willing to do, a lot of time is not spent on the master of the study, but blindly criticism. Our good teacher, not only, it is very sad.

but that’s not to say that we shouldn’t criticize Internet spam. We must be clear about the difference between soft and SEO pollution. Soft, is a creative network marketing articles, it will be very clever way to promote their products, you can learn a lot from the soft. The SEO pollution, just to improve the keywords ranking and hair of the article, this is not only contrary to the search engine, there is no user experience, this time, we should criticize!

I would like to say that when we see a good soft Wen, can not put down his shelf, Study hard? I know many webmaster is very clever, but should be clever in the right places, not


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