Cheetah browser promotion strategy analysis

recently cheetah browser completely fire. A fuse is a provocative title of the letter "a" video by millions of people on the woman, a week after the video only has played more than 3 million hits on Youku online.

SEO technology analysis of its fiery reasons are as follows: 1, gender; 2, facts.

has been on the Chinese gender aspects are not dare to say so, and in the green environment of Internet is not allowed to speak too much words, but the cheetah browser by third party tone said, although there are some super, but with an acceptable range. Also on the 12306, too many places to be criticized, which is the history of the history of the world’s most cattle electricity supplier, the user experience has been ridiculed rotten to the extreme, and the fact that. Combined with these two points, we all know that this is not a choice not to buckle the ads, but still looked down, on the 12306, to the cheetah face.

A brief analysis of

production and marketing costs of the video, for such a large company, almost negligible, imagine if this is just a planning + A + a female director, and the three are Jinshan employees? This is the official cheetah browser planners clever


interested friends can look at the Baidu drop-down box, the amount of search, news, Baidu index, you have to admire, this is a premeditated SEM marketing. Coupled with the recent number of television media, including CCTV reports on the privacy of the browser, no doubt accelerate the speed of transmission! Do not spend a penny on the CCTV, which is much better! Of course, public relations crisis to do!

promotion strategy on previous cheetah browser are: 1, 2, plug-in software popups; advertising; 3, the default installation etc..

SEO consultant is currently using Kingsoft antivirus software, the right time, with frequent pop-up is recommended to install cheetah browser plug-in information; about advertising, the software is more, is an advertisement, this is a lot of software used tricks; the default installation is to find a. He checked by default, such as driver wizard, and Jinshan home guards, have this.

actually 360 of these strategies have been used in the past, but this is only a factor in the success of the 360, but also the special period of special opportunities to create their success. Now these tricks used is very easy to cause the user antipathy, so, the operator will also consider the cheetah! In addition to Jinshan big BOSS are some of the media coverage, as well as 360 slobber war continues, is to increase the spread of the cheetah browser in the media familiarity and popularity, whether it is positive or negative, it is out of

!It is worth mentioning that the Jinshan union

stimulation, so many grassroots webmaster spared no effort to promote Kingsoft, money is the most direct relationship. Including SEO blog published this article, in fact, is also in the cheetah browser publicity. >

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