Regional sites have some less subjective investigation

now, Web2.0 estimation is a derogatory term more, because this heat wave has passed, more sites in winter.

I simply believe that Web2.0 is to increase the more interactive, the two sides are no longer involved in the party to give a party to get more interactive. The two-way interaction and participation of information, output, and the resulting rich by a variety of needs together, the use of a variety of ways to stimulate the attraction of attracting new interactive website……

In fact, according to the

network development situation, interaction is a kind of trend, from the lack of the earliest computer equipment, Internet access, network support, and now the popularity of computer network popularization, several years of network influence, people are no longer strangers on the Internet, the Internet and the threshold computer operation also reduces a lot, and desire network interaction continues to increase, but if the kind of give and receive before the pattern is 1, so now the transition to 2


especially for central or inland areas, it has already reached widespread Internet access, online publishing their classification information, through the online sale of things, are published in the online rental information, write blog video? I think, far from.

I had a training company in a fashion company, many white-collar workers, but most of the Internet is to look at the news, and even some people do not even e-mail. Another time, the author of the two undergraduate colleges and universities to give those graduating students to do a lecture, there are still many students do not have e-mail, do not understand what is Web2.0, very few people to buy things Taobao.

I would like to explain a situation: a lot of things on the Internet fried very hot, but for the next line of friends, do not understand these things, it can not be said to use and interactive participation.

therefore, regional sites, especially the classification of information resource website or store, discount promotion class, accurate positioning of their service objects, and fully understand the network awareness, their knowledge level, consumption habits, awareness of the network, the recognition degree, is very important for their website operation mode, strategy sales promotions and several stages to go. Do not naive to direct the implementation of the doctrine, do not simply think that the program is good, good technology, function is very powerful, it must be ok.

inland area of the Internet is at a critical point, depending on the way you use and form to detonate the critical point. The author suggested that the initial do not put all the energy on the Internet to go, more activities need to interact to pave the way to guide the line.

the following questions, please do a survey:

1, how do you know your web site


2, what do you have to be willing to use your service?

3, how to make them understand and use the site (do not think about what users know)


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