The integration of network marketing can also start from the fun

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The integration of

network marketing is a big topic, and our companies are now most often received a phone is asking you to do network promotion, although I do network promotion of the sales staff, but also often received such a call, I usually have a chat, see what lessons, if any he will say a few words, if not, it is peer direct showdown. Network marketing, network promotion in the network company is nothing more than a website and all kinds of charge promotion, but some companies can try to do the integration of network marketing in the network company, think the investment is too high? Our enterprises can start small


integration of network marketing, is to make all of the network marketing method to do a general understanding, and then choose the right way, repeat the way to achieve the ultimate. When I was doing a free online training with a lot of enterprises will be emphasized, the way we choose network marketing, we must choose immediately with the enterprise according to the current development situations, as long as it can, to earn money, do not need to toss, to change, and accumulated a certain the experience and capital, to expand, to change the new way, not only the poor toss, wasting money. For all kinds of network marketing telemarketing calls, to have the ability to judge, do not be fooled, put the money out, it is not worth it.

for a small and medium enterprise, network marketing team, one person is enough. The need for enterprise product information, sales link is particularly clear, even in many of the details of the position of sales is more than the reality of understanding, on the Internet, the customer needs is the product details of the network marketing personnel’s success lies in the details. Now, the enterprise will have its own website, the website submitted to the network marketing personnel hand, network marketing personnel in the first time to check the website of the product data plate layout is reasonable, this time, we also cannot use the SEO, we want to do, be the next line of product line to the network, whether the site can play value and network marketing personnel are closely linked, mentioned on the website details, especially to reflect the.

site is a gun, and the network marketing team or team is the gun. Network marketing staff with the support of the site, you can begin to do a simple network marketing.

1, IM marketing

IM marketing is the easiest way to network marketing, through QQ, Baidu HI, MSN and other communication tools in the group or individuals to send relevant information. First talk about successful cases, such as selling tea, such as selling stocks, I think we are very familiar with, although very annoying, can not deny that they do very beautiful. I have also done IM marketing, in my experience, the IM marketing method to do some level division.

entry IM marketing: Tea stock type, came in the news sent out by T, but their crazy >

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