Network promotion Wangzhuan cheap

XX users of the network platform, as long as you invite friends around the registration of XX network, you can get a dollar a certification. You invite 1000, it is 1000 yuan Oh, you can also get an extra thousand dollars reward oh, a month can do a white-collar. At the same time, college students can also get the ability to recognize, such as the ability to star certificate, internship certificate. What is more beautiful than this, it is not as good as action."

network marketing has been more and more by Wangzhuan way, classmate net, willing to network have launched members of recharge and grace of making money attractive zhaoshu network promotion. On the surface of the site to maximize the greatest benefits to the members, but in fact, the last time to sit close to the profits of the event is often launched this webmaster.

from 0.2 yuan to 2 yuan each effective promotion link, see the stationmaster is the most of the advertising costs through to the users, so that a registered member can enjoy services at the same time, money can earn is the envy, actually in the process of popularization, the webmaster gain more lucrative profits.

based on the XX network as an example, this website is to promote student registration website (of course, students on the website of the Gengshi promotion this not exhausted), the advertising language is to make each month extension personnel 1000 yuan. And the site’s effective network promotion links to 1 yuan / bit (similar to the same site). Links must be a valid link, that is, to register and submit effective information and the head of the audit. This is one of the most intelligent webmaster. The analysis is as follows:

one, by observation, every 10 people click on the link, about 5. 6 to register information, and ultimately there will be a student to become an effective link users. In other words, if you want to earn 1000 yuan, you must be able to effectively break through the amount of 10000 people, while browsing your promotion page will certainly be more than 10000 people. Therefore, the invisible, XX net propaganda also exceeded the value of 1000 yuan.

two, ditto, even if there is a link between the 1000, if the webmaster in your promotion page and click on the ad, according to CPM mode, each click of the ad is at least 1. Therefore, the popularization of hard flow is the webmaster as a magic weapon to make money. Of course, he got more than promotion.

three, ibid, even if the promotion page without advertising, but also in the promotion of the link has such a behavior. So that most of the wages of the promoters to the webmaster. Promotion A promotion offline B, B and promote the C. At the same time, C will become the two tier A downline. Therefore, a rebellious attitude in the process of popularization. That is why B think they want to become A offline, and their downline C also want to make money for A. Therefore, B will find a way to find a way to register directly on the site. Therefore, the performance of A is 0, the same way, B’s performance will be less pitiful. Therefore, it is the first sitting playing the webmaster >

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