Micro blog marketing who says is crucial

a micro-blog transmission range and participate in the dissemination of the number, is affected by a micro-blog’s identity and information content and some other factors, the more important two aspects is the publisher’s identity and published content. Powerful magic micro-blog marketing in recent years we have seen a lot of estimation, a classic case of many, many fans (if you say here is of course active fans, not black powder, black powder era has been declining), the information content and dissemination of good words, will produce fission effect of communication, so that a basis of enterprise marketing of micro-blog is "who said that".

is now playing micro-blog’s personal or business very much, users may not pay attention to all the people, can only choose a more interested in their own or a field of particular concern to the authority, so "who said that" this one is particularly important, had seen before a word on the Internet, said the relationship between the number of fans and the role: "if the number of fans more than 100, you are a magazine; if more than 1000, you are a bulletin board; if you are over 10000, a magazine; if more than 100000, you are a metropolis; if more than 1000000, you are a national newspaper; if more than 10000000, you are a television; if more than 100000000, its spread to CCTV."

here we don’t have to think about more than CCTV, so strong as micro-blog has not yet appeared, but we can imagine that if a product in CCTV prime time advertising and advertising in a small magazine, you will feel what a good effect? For example if melatonin is started advertise in the local small magazine, estimated that even three products are not. This is to illustrate a "who says" the problem, different people will bring different results. Of course, in the business of micro-blog marketing, the main is divided into "staff said" and "executives said," two ways, and below to introduce you.

1, "employee" – more cordial

employees with their own personal identity into the official micro-blog, to the enterprise service for users interested in all kinds of enterprises and provide related information, sincere interaction and communication in a very ordinary real feelings of the individual and to the user, rather than a more abstract and superior enterprise the official website of the form, under the harmonious atmosphere more easily communicate and interact, which is micro-blog a true interactive function, can help enterprises to win the trust of users. I’ve seen this on DELL’s official micro-blog before, and it’s good to see the interaction, so here’s a way to share it with you.

2, executives said – more authoritative


enterprise has the final explanation and the discourse power is the enterprise leadership as well as the senior management team

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