Taobao small sellers to give up WeChat marketing bar


is not the title of the party, nor the right skin itching Detroit zhaochou, but not for everyone to pour cold water, but to illustrate a current problem. WeChat fire, a lot of Tmall and Taobao have opened their own stampede in the seller, the public account. There are some sellers also puzzled, very worried to all over the world to find tutorials, looking for someone to ask.

recently there are a lot of small sellers asked how to do the WeChat marketing, I do not know how to answer, after all, the situation is not the same as their own. WeChat has just contacted the public platform sellers, but also have a very happy to play the seller. Only one purpose, that is to sell. Also said that in order to maintain the old customers, I also have the right to listen to.

according to the current situation, small sellers Dan than to Taobao play or a grade, distracted to engage WeChat really a bit The loss outweighs the gain. May I say, there are still a lot of friends was not gas, what you can do, we can do, is only you do well. Also, you know Taobao.

simply, you can have a number of reasons to support their own to do a thing, even if people come to advise you, you still hope that tomorrow’s sun is brilliant. The end, the heart will always respect small sellers, like himself as a grassroots webmaster, how much rain much sorrow, Qikan ignorant people sigh hair at.

Lyric so far, I believe that Taobao small sellers, at this stage is indeed the majority of sellers do not need to do WeChat marketing, on the Tmall sellers who is also the same. Rough collection, the current Taobao small sellers do WeChat marketing has the following conditions:

first: WeChat marketing and marketing for micro-blog, WeChat marketing for micro-blog and almost. At that time micro-blog scenery, a large forward, can hook a common, is to sell those fake fake Nike, adidas. At that time, micro-blog’s advertising is not so large forward flood drainage effect is good, the flow of the baby into single page optimization, then the appropriate pre brush it several pens, plus shipping promotion preferential conversion rate is quite high. With this play was copied rotten after fans have begun to go astray, who shouted micro-blog can do micro business, now seems to be the voice of small.

so, if Taobao small sellers still hold a drainage mentality, the pursuit of tens of thousands of, or even millions of fans on the one hundred thousand, I advise you still wash sleep. Don’t mention the heresy by software shake a batch drift drift play, or that sentence, out of the mix, sooner or later have to repay. WeChat is a test of operation, in other words, with a place to do a vertical portal, the same period of time did not want to bear fruit, and then look down.

second: those years, playing WeChat do not know what is WeChat marketing. Those years, Taobao do not know WeChat can do marketing. At this time, there are many Taobao sellers in the circle of friends

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