On the application of micro marketing in the computer maintenance industry

this time has been in the study of micro marketing knowledge, learn more and more can feel it had suddenly flashed in my mind yesterday, if the micro marketing do computer maintenance effect? This paper was born.

is now a computer repair shop everywhere, a high-end residential may have about 3 stores, so how to let customers choose to your store to maintain it?

first you need to have excellent maintenance techniques (this is crap…)

then you need to have a good location (or crap…)

Again, you need to do

friends and potential customers (dry cargo to


today will focus on how to make friends and customers, although now computer usage has been very popular, but most people will use a computer, but they do not know the computer (here refers to the software and hardware of the computer), so once the computer must find someone to repair the problem.

the computer maintenance in two ways, one is the home repair, but the repair or not, there is a door fee, sometimes your computer may be no problem, maybe you are not plugged in, perhaps as long as the restart router is good, but people have been through the door, you also have to pay the fee to. Similar to a variety of, is simply pit father and pit oneself. Another case is to move their own home shop, although the door fee free, but encountered a variety of situations you just said you can only exercise to comfort themselves.

there are complaints (Note: about where there is a chance), is there a compromise method? That need to pay for the door fee nor to "exercise"? If I tell you that you can have, you only need to scan a two-dimensional code WeChat, you are willing to sweep the answer? Yes (only a fool is not willing to Saul? Of course tall, rich and handsome except).

now the answer is self-evident, as long as the business opened its WeChat, add the small owners to give their friends usually send computer maintenance knowledge and computer maintenance knowledge to the owners, the owners are the most important computer problems for free consultation, sincere here to exclude some conventional issues to the customer, for example let the customer next restart the computer, restart the router, kill the virus what make customers feel your sincerity, too esoteric things do not, otherwise the customers themselves have become the master, who gave you to do business? To this step, the customer won’t be so this single business became Oh, that is not very insidious, in fact it is a mutually beneficial process, generally as long as the maintenance once the customer, so the customer basically has long been nurturing (you Or free of charge).

can produce other value-added income in the process, not necessarily to repair the computer you can think of, such as the day the customer to buy a router or a computer will give priority to you, because this process you are friends.

actual operation >

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