From 0 to 10000P site psychological process

– site test is a layman, psychological quality

      August 22nd, which is a memorable day – my website: the Bank of Hong Kong on the first day of IP breakthrough 10000. Thanks to all the friends who have supported and helped me, although this does not mean success, but for me such a blind technology, at least this is a progress, it makes me more confident to do a good job site. Looking back on the experience of the ten months, I feel a lot. Especially the psychological process of the website, is a taste of only knowing, in general can be divided into four stages, this share, and the webmaster said:

(the slightly longer, but believe that many webmaster will resonate)

      this period is about three months, though I did some research on the website theme, the heart has a rough bottom, it can be related to the bank, credit card, electronic payment that belong to the layman, what can develop to what extent, is still very confused. In the first month, while I update the information, while learning how to promote, there is no money to invest only with natural free promotion approach can be used. Now in retrospect, in fact, all the way to promote the online basically have introduced, but the specific application of the details of the operation, it is necessary to explore their own experiments. A lot of things need to be done to see if it works for you.

      in this way, I rely on these previously seen inspirational words, slowly through the confusion.

      website operation to fourth months, the flow in a few days from a few hundred to about three thousand, the previous efforts to accumulate the water overflow effect. Feel a burst of joy. So I work harder, put more energy, but after a month, almost at a standstill, no increase in the amount of visits. How could this be? Is my content too much emphasis on professional, it is difficult to make people interested in it? Should I add some

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