GamEffective was 7 million U S financial capital in a way to improve the efficiency of the game sta

GamEffective is a way to enhance the efficiency of staff through the game of startups, they recently announced the completion of $7 million in financing, the current round of financing by the Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) and CE Ventures led.


enterprise users can GamEffective for each individual employee specified objectives, at the same time with the business goals of the direction of the target, this platform can be integrated in many enterprise applications, the user can at any time through visual data to check their own goals, like a pedometer, this data is recorded real time.


The game is called

GamEffective will work as many custom dismantling parts, all kinds of behavior of employees in the work will have an impact on the part of the schedule, and the real-time tracking system will be like the game interface as your ranking and complete situation display, let employees motivated in the competition, the final clearance is salary reward.

At present, Microsoft

Paypal, HP and other famous enterprises in their use of this platform, this round of financing is completed, GamEffective will force in the market and sales, at the same time, funds will be mainly used for product development and iteration.

GamEffective now has more than and 40 people in the United States to do something similar with them, as well as Badgeville and Bunchball.

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