2012 what is the money making industry

in 2012 what do vigorous spirit of the aged, good money? What the industry is still the most awesome most profits? Then we might choose some of the most common in the industry, although the market competition is big, but the profit is the most lucrative.

A, the cosmetics industry is still awesome.

the personal profit of cleaning chemicals, the most horrible. To toothpaste, for example, one of the most expensive ingredients – blowing agent cost is only 600 yuan / ton or even lower, and this is the full amount of the foaming agent filled with   the maximum number of 180 grams of toothpaste. Domestic low-end products do not forget, even with silicon abrasive Crest, 180 grams of retail price of about $13, the market can only sell a lot of money, do not say, wash your hair, and more terrible than this?. read more

The shop to do business to develop a good habit of money the whole

shop selling goods, once the transaction will naturally have money coming in, many shopkeepers is thrown to the drawer, not finishing a few days to change is very chaotic, and may cause the accounting mistakes. So, if it is a shop to do business, you need to develop a good habit of collecting money.

I have a habit of money, received 100 yuan and $50 denominations of money, not only will be carey tested true and false, but also the money to be all together, and then put in a special lock on the drawer. As for the other denominations, I put them in another drawer. read more

14 experience sharing online Entrepreneurship

in modern society there are many successful Internet entrepreneurs, while their entrepreneurial success is often cannot do without them in the process of entrepreneurship among some entrepreneurial experience, what are the good experience in online business?

the experience is a comprehensive summary of the successful footprint, reflects the online business rules, but it is not the golden laws and precious rules flexibly according to the actual situation, to their own.


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Fujian Taining debris flow disaster relief work continues

According to yesterday’s report, the Fujian Taining debris flow disaster scene led to 35 people were killed and 4 people lost contact. So, what is the latest progress? Following the following up together to understand the latest situation.

5 10, 2009, to participate in the rescue of the armed forces of the armed forces of heavy machinery in Fujian, Taining landslide disaster rescue work. On the same day, Fujian Taining debris flow disaster relief work continues. According to the Fujian Taining disaster relief headquarters news, as of 10 May 13, Kai Shan Xiang Chi Tan Cun 5· Taining County; 8 "debris flow disaster scene has found 35 bodies of the victims, has lost 1 personnel. read more

Enhance the cold store profitability of a single store in four aspects

looked at the weather will heat up, ice cream, ice cream when the protagonist of the season is getting closer and closer, the cold drinks industry to the hottest time  . Now cold drink shop so much, how to grasp the good opportunity to make money? Let’s take a look at the operation of the cold drink shop!

to operate a cold store must have their own unique way of business, Mr. Chen, the Royal Regiment of ice cream to join, has said:

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A road snack car is good to join a good project

all the way fragrance snack car? The choice of flexible mode of operation, a good choice to get rich quickly. If you join all the way fragrance snack car project, is also a very exciting. So why hesitate? Hurry up! Come and join us!

snack car project has been on the market is a good project and snack items together now, a road as a technical support and operation of the market are great projects, has gained a lot of affirmation and support, the project strength and mode of operation is very advanced, join the return is also very high a road, OK? What will make you satisfied with the read more

2012 college students entrepreneurship in the end there are several major difficulties

the old year has passed, the new year is coming. Every year from all funny graduates innumerable increase in enrollment rate, and reduce the rate of employment, so many college students choose their own way. According to statistics, 75% of college graduates eager to start their own businesses, but the ultimate real entrepreneurs accounted for only about 1.94%, which is the Ministry of Education announced in August the latest data.

In the "

entrepreneurship rate is low, only after the lack of entrepreneurial enthusiasm, action and other reports are widely concerned, all regions have introduced preferential policies in some areas of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, also set up a fund established students in business incubator. However, the ultimate real entrepreneurs accounted for only 1.94% of the statistics, or let a lot of people do not understand. So, the city of university graduates is how to look hard to do poineering work? read more

Environmental protection product stores location which matters needing attention has

now let people feel headache a lot, the problem of environmental pollution is very serious, so the development of environmental protection industry is very fast, environmental pollution to people from their own environmental protection start, which promote the development of environmental protection products, some entrepreneurs see environmental protection product prospects, choose their own business and environmental protection products stores, store location in the shop before the very key.

environmentally friendly products store location should be forward-looking. Not all of the "golden city" must make money, sometimes encountered in municipal planning changes, busy location and could become the deserted land. Therefore, entrepreneurs in the site should be far sighted, more understanding of the future development of the region. In addition to municipal planning, but also to understand the situation in the future competition in the region. Special attention to the demolition of the transfer of the trap will be paved, so as not to be deceived. read more

Oh how much is the beauty workshop with franchise fee business

children’s choice is our best choice. Hey Ka Beauty Workshop? High quality entrepreneurial projects, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship. Hey Ka Beauty Workshop? The best choice for healthy growth of children. Simple way to join, has the advantage of the brand, it is worth choosing, it is worth joining!

children’s understanding of the world is not very , they instinctively want to understand the world, so for new things and fun things are interested. Hey Ka Beauty Workshop, the development of children’s creativity, let the healthy growth of children’s health environment under the light of heart from care. Let the children in the early childhood curriculum to accept the world, improve self. read more

Apple Cider Vinegar ten brand list the whole

apple vinegar is not only delicious, but more importantly, there is a very strong health care function, which is very popular in the current beverage market, the market evaluation is very high. However, it is precisely because the market is growing, resulting in the industry has a lot of brands. Next, let Xiaobian for everyone secret apple cider vinegar ten brands list, so you can choose to be more suitable for apple vinegar brand.

apple cider vinegar ten brands list NO.1, heaven and earth one: read more

The University’s vision of giving up a good salary for home business do aquaculture business netwo

if you are a master’s degree in Tsinghua, with hundreds of thousands of annual salary, you will give up the opportunity to go back to the countryside to do farming business? The hero of this article is to do this. A piece of wood eggs sold 3 dollars, the mountains of mutton to Beijing, farm open to the phone, this surprising entrepreneurial performance is actually a guy in Henan, Yexian County do. And he left Beijing to return to the original intention of rural entrepreneurship is to enable everyone to eat the original ecological agricultural products, led the villagers to get rich. read more

The location of business is not necessarily prosperous

now has a lot of shops in our traditional concept is worthy of the name of the shop, however, such a shop business will be very prosperous? I don’t think so. I once met in Xi’an in an open cigarette and liquor vendor in the fall, although the store, also seems to be desolate, one is the order quantity model shop.

In a conversation with the owner of

, the author found that the success is not accidental: first, although the shop in the lane, but is near the large enterprise office building and residential area, which has laid the foundation of huge consumption; secondly, because retail pack less, but there are more energy to take care of the owner the bulk of business, to build more extensive business ; in addition, we can think of, the rent is cheaper than half lane street, reduce the high operating costs, but also to the owner to leave more profit and profit space. read more