A5 marketing research whether the webmaster understand each big search engine needs

now with the rapid development of mobile Internet, more users to the mobile terminal, the search engine is from the social point of view to review, user interaction website. The source of social platforms, new media, mobile client, users of social sharing traffic, search engine algorithm is also gradually taking into account the weight of this area, the owners have to keep abreast of the times, even if the algorithm cannot change, its purpose is the same, the starting point of all is to provide resources for the user. The user needs to get more resources from the mobile terminal, the station must turn to the mobile terminal to create resources > read more

Guo Yeye the story of Links effect on the website of the 11

1. I thought Links in exchange, do not need too close to the site can exchange, in fact, the content of similar website, keywords are similar, similar to your own keyword keyword density have many advantages, and if you have your goals keywords link wheel website ranking more easily in front. I have repeatedly found that some sites need not update can have very good rankings, check the Links that links the quantity and quality are very powerful, with link correlation, link update date is also good, even if its not too much to update, the framework is not so reasonable, can have love in Shanghai favor, get good rankings. read more