Division of Recreation Beginner’s Wrestling Clinics

first_imgRegistration forms are available in the Recreation Division in City Hall Room #13.The cost for the program is $25/participant. Cash will be accepted. Checks must be made payable to “City of Bayonne”.For information, contact Pete Amadeo at (201) 858-6129 or [email protected] The Recreation Division will offer Beginners Wrestling Clinics for Bayonne residents, ages 7 to 13, every Monday and Wednesday, from 6:15 to 8 p.m. Lessons will begin November 26 and run until February 27, 2019. All clinics will take place in the BHS Wrestling Room at Bayonne High School (sessions will not take place when schools are closed).The camp will be under the direction of Bayonne High School Varsity Wrestling Coach Jared Luciani. Participants will learn the fundamentals of wrestling as well as different wrestling techniques.last_img read more

Free Christmas Dinner Marks 25th Year

first_imgFor the 25th year, the annual Community Christmas Celebration Dinner will offer a free home-cooked turkey dinner with all the trimmings to anybody who needs it.The buffet dinner takes place 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Christmas Day (Dec. 25) at St. Peter’s United Methodist Church at Eighth Street and Central Avenue.“All are welcome,” event organizers say. “Rich or poor, young or old, in need or in need of giving, far from home or just around the corner.”Transportation can be provided to anybody who needs it, and take-outs are available. St. Peter’s has access for the disabled and free parking.“For the past 24 years, my family and our community have been running a free Christmas dinner buffet on Christmas Day,” Halley Martinez write on the Facebook event page for the dinner. “With the help of many volunteers and donations, we are able to provide hundreds of meals every year. After Hurricane Sandy, there was a much larger need last year, and with the generosity of the community and nearby towns, we were able to provide over 1,000 meals for those in need. This dinner is open to ANYONE, not just the poor. Apart from the huge buffet, there will be a gift table, live entertainment, desserts, and most importantly the company of other people in the community. We also offer deliveries in the local area to those who are unable to leave their house.”Her parents, Mike and Peaches Lukens, started the event when they realized how blessed their young family was at Christmas time when others were in need.But the event has thrived over the years only with the time and generosity of many in the community.last_img read more

Mentors make the difference

first_img In testimony before Congress, Harvard graduate, chosen for a Rhodes, worries about being able to return to U.S. afterward Concern over a DACA deadline Discussion series highlights the worries of affected immigrant students A plea to support DACA Related As a counselor for Waltham Public Schools, Rendòn works with the families of young people at risk of dropping out. She agreed with Gonzalez that this type of engagement is crucial for many undocumented adolescents to succeed.Marisa Lopez, a Boston resident who works for an organization that partners with schools to support teachers, was also in the audience. She said she hears from many teachers that they see the struggles of mixed-status families and don’t know how to help.As for what she would tell the undocumented young people themselves, Lopez said, “You are not alone, and there are millions of families like yours. There are people studying this, people who care about this. There is hope.” After studying Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) recipients for seven years, Harvard Graduate School of Education Professor Roberto Gonzales has seen, through their eyes, all the good and bad of the landmark immigration policy.Every story is different, and while DACA recipients have been grateful for the program, according to Gonzales, some of them are much more high-achieving than others. A key reason, he said, for the success among some DACA recipients is support — from teachers, mentors, counselors, and others — and last month he found himself encouraging Greater Boston residents to create this support for young immigrants in their own communities.As part of his research Gonzales led a seven-year study interviewing thousands of undocumented young people who have qualified for deferred action from deportation since DACA took effect.“I found that the difference was, the high achievers could name three or more mentors,” Gonzales said at a community lecture and discussion at the Harvard Ed Portal in Allston. “Mentors who were there for them at crucial times in their lives.”He encouraged audience members to think about what they can do, directly or indirectly, to help create a supportive environment for undocumented children and adolescents.“If immigration reform is not going to happen this year, and people have urgent needs, who will it be to meet those needs?” he said. “We [community members] have the opportunity to pitch in.”Gonzales is a national expert on undocumented youth and young adults. The paper on DACA-eligible young people is his second long-term study following undocumented residents who were brought to the U.S. as children; previously, he followed 150 undocumented young adults for 12 years. The DACA study consisted of a survey with 2,684 undocumented young people from 42 countries and follow up-interviews with nearly 500 DACA beneficiaries living in six U.S. cities. Study participants were all eligible for protected status under the policy enacted in 2012 by then-President Barack Obama.Gonzales presented some of the study’s key findings as part of a faculty speaker series at the Ed Portal.He found that many DACA recipients felt a greater sense of identity and agency, and much less fear and stress, after receiving their DACA status, and quoted one interviewee as saying, “I finally feel like I’m part of the U.S., like I’m no longer living in the shadows.” They eventually began to increase their earnings, obtain credit and driver’s licenses, and feel more like typical Americans, Gonzales said.For all these reasons, he continued, “DACA is probably the most successful immigrant integration policy reform in the last two to three decades.”At the same time, the policy has clear limitations. Gonzales illustrated some of these through the story of a young woman called Esperanza whom he met during his previous study. She enrolled in a public university in California in 2002, but struggled to find work after graduation because she was undocumented. By the time she was protected under DACA, she had been working in the service industry for more than a decade and was no longer a competitive candidate for jobs in her field of study.,“The age at which someone receives DACA shapes different trajectories,” Gonzales explained. People like Esperanza, who receive protected status after many years without documentation, find themselves “hitting a new glass ceiling.”Many of the DACA recipients he interviewed also expressed complicated feelings about living in mixed-status families, Gonzales said. With their protected status, the recipients often find their families dependent on them, and about 70 percent of the young people in his study knew someone who had been detained or deported. They feared for their families — and for themselves, especially with President Trump periodically threatening to revoke their protection.One participant said having to wait for renewal every two years, with no path to citizenship under DACA, was a “slap-in-the-face reminder that I’m still undocumented.”Hearing firsthand about the program’s drawbacks and knowing that Trump’s administration has repeatedly threatened to end DACA, Gonzales concluded that those pushing for immigration policy change should not focus only on the federal level.“Changes to federal policy would be the tide that raises many boats,” Gonzales said. “But change takes time, and young people and their families have to carry out their everyday lives.”Immigration reform advocates should also focus on the state, county, and municipal levels of government, he said. Policies at these levels, such as allowing undocumented immigrants to qualify for in-state college tuition or driver’s licenses, will affect their daily lives and future prospects regardless of federal policy.Gonzales appealed to the community to help young immigrants get a head start.“I strongly believe it will be young people and their families who are central to the success of [immigration reform] efforts,” he said. Community members who engage these families, create safe environments for them, and enable them to access available resources can help them succeed, he explained.Several audience members, such as Cambridge resident Mary Jo Rendòn, work daily with these young people and their families. Rendòn said it was “painful to see we’re not moving the needle” on immigration reform.last_img read more

Couldn’t Keep It In! Avenue Q’s Princeton, Trekkie, Kate Monster & Rod Rock Out to Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’

first_img Related Shows Princeton and Kate Monster dueting on “Love is an Open Door”? Trekkie singing “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”? Rod belting “Let It Go”? Like everyone else who has working eyes and ears, the cast of off-Broadway’s Avenue Q love Disney’s Oscar-nominated blockbuster Frozen. Of course, the people and puppets of Avenue Q have been singing soon-to-be-EGOT winner (fingers crossed!) Bobby Lopez’ amazing tunes for a while now. On January 21, the cast of the Tony-winning tuner made a video to congratulate Bobby and Kristen Anderson-Lopez on their Oscar nod for the tune “Let It Go,” and it’s a doozie! View Comments Avenue Qcenter_img Show Closed This production ended its run on May 26, 2019 Disney’s Frozenlast_img read more

Art @ The Rock

first_imgThe fourth annual Art at the Rock juried art show is set for Nov. 17 and 18, 2012 at Rock Eagle 4-H Center in Eatonton, Ga. The show will open at 10 a.m. and close at 4 p.m. on Saturday and open at 11:30 a.m. and close at 4 p.m. on Sunday.The show’s artists will exhibit a wide range of work, from painting and pottery to jewelry and woodcarving. Artists working in paint, clay, metals and fibers will display their work at this juried art show and sale that attracts more than 50 artists and a thousand visitors each year. Joe Belt, a Columbus, Ga., resident who grew up in west Texas, has been selected as the show’s 2012 featued artist. He trained in the fine arts at Texas Tech University, and his art has been shown nationally and collected in half a dozen foreign countries.Belt works with many subjects such as wildlife, portraits and ranch life, but he is best known for his highly detailed pencil drawings of Native American subjects from throughout North America. His work in pastels, charcoal and watercolors has been featured on movie posters, book covers, album jackets and architectural murals. Other Art at the Rock artists will exhibit and sell their oils and watercolors, pottery, jewelry, weaving, sculptures and many other art forms in an indoor exhibit hall. The show will feature live music, and homegrown and homemade items will be sold in the show’s marketplace. Food and beverages will also be available.A 5K race will be held Sunday, Nov. 18 in conjunction with Art at the Rock. The race will begin at 2:04 p.m. Pre-registration is $18 and on site registration is $22. Overall winners will receive a piece of artwork from an Art at the Rock artist. To register for the race, visit www.cloverglove.com.For more information on the 2012 Art at the Rock event, contact Tina Maddox at [email protected] or (706) 484-2873.last_img read more

Vermont Department of Tourism launches ThisIsVT.com

first_imgFrom a snow groomer waxing philosophic, to an apple grower explaining the art of “pie-chi,” the characters starring in the new video vignettes featured on ThisIsVT.com offer viewers a glimpse into some of the personalities that are the life of Vermont’s vibrant tourist industry. The short films were shot as part of a campaign for the Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing that emphasizes the state’s diverse human assets.‘Our recent research on the Vermont brand showed that vacationers are looking for ‘good value,’ ‘diverse experiences,’ ‘unspoiled landscape’ and ‘warm, friendly people,’” said deputy commissioner of tourism and marketing Steve Cook.‘With this in mind, Spike and VT Tourism conceived and created ThisIsVT.com.’”We want to take prospective visitors beyond Vermont’s physical landscape to meet a few genuine Vermonters ‘ the people behind the scenes who bring a wonderful, albeit sometimes wacky, element of independence, ingenuity, perseverance and passion to all that they do,” says Ken Millman, Spike’s president.In addition to the series of 2 to 3-minute vignettes featuring an array of Vermont characters, the microsite shares snackable facts about Vermont, and helps visitors start planning their trip with a handy travel planner tool available at vermontvacation.com.Source: Spike Advertising. Burlington, VT’September 3, 2010—30-last_img read more

Lawyers in the Legislature

first_img Lawyers in the Legislature March 1, 2006 Regular News Lawyers in the Legislature Campbell wants to give back Gary Blankenship Senior Editor According to Sen. Walter G. “Skip” Campbell, D-Tamarac, it’s all the fault of his wife, Lynn.He was a pre-med student at the University of Florida and they were dating. But according to the future lawyer, Bar Board of Governors member, and state legislator, she didn’t want to wait until he got all the way through medical school to begin a life together.She and her father, a Miami judge, urged him to try law school. So Campbell took the LSAT and said if he did well enough to be accepted at the UF School of Law – the only law school to which he’d applied – then he pursue that course. And he did.Well, there may have been another factor in his change of career choices: “I found out I couldn’t stand blood,” he said with a chuckle.1996, 23 years after getting his law degree, Campbell was a highly successful trial lawyer in Broward County and a veteran member of the Bar Board of Governors, about to announce his candidacy for Bar president. Then a local state Senate seat became available and Campbell faced a choice.“God has given me a lot in life and I don’t come from wealthy parents and I don’t come from a wealthy background and I’ve been very successful,” he said. “I think you have to give back to the community a portion of what you’ve been given.”He had been fulfilling that obligation with Bar work, but the opportunity in state politics caused a reconsideration.“It was a toss-up. Should I stay active in Bar politics or should I go the state route? I went the state route because I thought we needed more lawyers involved in the state system. We still do,” Campbell said.He joined the Senate just as it was transitioning from longtime Democratic control to dominance by the Republicans.“I have been able to work closely with my Republican counterparts and have been able to get chairmanships,” Campbell said. “I think I have done some pretty good legislation on criminal issues and consumer issues, and I think I have been the voice of the people of Florida when it comes to personal issues.”He noted he fought cuts for injured workers in workers’ compensation legislation, worked against limits to medical malpractice damages, and was active on bills affecting payday loan companies, pawn shops, and hate crimes.With an end to his Senate service coming this year because of term limits, Campbell said he was approached to run for attorney general. He is the only Democrat so far, while four Republicans (three of them from the legislature) are running in that party’s primary.“I believe very strongly that to maintain checks and balances in government, you have to have involvement of both political parties,” Campbell said, noting Republicans control both chambers of the legislature, the governorship, and all the Cabinet seats. “I figured I would give back to the community and put my credentials up for the people of the state of Florida to vote for, because this is going to be their lawyer.”Issues in the race start with homeland security. While the governor is the main official charged with that duty, Campbell sees the attorney general as having an important role.“Medicaid fraud is a huge issue, affecting about $1.8 billion of our state budget,” he said. “Dependency court is a huge issue. I think civil rights are very important to many people.. . . I think protecting consumers under the Florida Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act is critical because we have people being scammed every day.”And the attorney general must oversee and maintain the effectiveness of the statewide prosecutor, he added.Campbell expects a tough race, noting that the U.S. Senate and gubernatorial contests will get most of the money and media attention in the fall campaign.“The attorney general position is a down ticket item [on the ballot],” he said. “The most important thing for Floridians is to pick a candidate who will represent their interests.”As he leaves the Senate, Campbell hopes more lawyers will consider such public service.“Lawyers are specially equipped in looking at issues, dissecting the problems out of the issues, and coming up with solutions, and that’s all the legislative process is,” he said. “Lawyers can be effective advocates and you’ve got to remember that legislators not only represent their 120,000 or 140,000 citizens, they also represent the entire state. But the state does have divergent issues and you’ve got to be able to advocate for your position.” Saunders values public service Gary Blankenship Senior Editor As a physics major in college, working part time in NASA’s Langley Research Center, Burt Saunders came to a conclusion during his senior year.“I felt that being in a physics lab all my life was not what I wanted to do,” he said. “My older brother had become a lawyer and that got me thinking that might be what I wanted to do.”That led to a 1975 law degree from William and Mary, and in 1978 an LLM from the University of Miami School of Law in international and environmental law. Which in turn, led to a long career in public service in local and state government that Saunders now hopes to turn into service as Florida’s attorney general.As someone who concedes he got into politics almost by accident, the new quest is a bit of an irony.“It’s really the first time I’ve run for political office where I’ve given it a lot of thought in advance,” Saunders said. This is the one office I really want to occupy.“At the time I decided to run. . . I felt that I had better credentials to fill that post than other people who were considering a run for it and I felt that the job is so very important that I needed to really consider throwing my name into the hat. Quite frankly, it’s almost a tailor-made position for me based on what my experience has been.”His public service began as county attorney for Collier County, where he saw a number of problems with that local government.“I decided to run for county commission to set some things straight. I did that for eight years,” Saunders said.He had no plans to run for the legislature, but then his local representative, a 20-year veteran of legislative service, decided to retire, so Saunders decided to make that race. He won and in his first year was named Freshman of the Year by the Florida Association of Counties.After four years, his local state senators stepped down and Saunders moved to the upper chamber.There, working with the Governor’s Office, he sponsored the legislation for the state-federal joint project to restore the Everglades. As chair of the Health Care Committee, he established a subcommittee which investigated Medicaid fraud and led to legislation greatly expanding the Attorney General’s Medicaid fraud investigating powers and staff.“We are literally saving hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayers’ dollars not only by going after Medicaid fraud, but by the chilling effect of preventing fraud,” Saunders said. “We made sure that was a high priority and I consider that to be one of my more significant legislative involvements.”Interestingly, though, it’s not legislative accomplishments that Saunders mentions first or brings him the greatest pride from his current post.“One of the things I’ve prided myself on is having the best constituent service possible,” he said. “I’ve got three people working for me who spend all day every day helping constituents. It ranges from helping people with child support issues to helping physicians get their Medicaid licenses. I find that very satisfying.”That’s a view that carries over into his attorney general campaign.“I describe the attorney general as the people’s attorney; the person you can turn to if you’re a victim of identity theft, price gouging, or fraud,” he said. “The attorney general is in a strong position to coordinate law enforcement activities to protect Floridians.”In addition, Saunders said, through the attorney general’s seat on the state Cabinet, the attorney general plays an important policy role in environmental issues.Aside from his work as a county attorney, Saunders has also worked in investment banking, stock brokerage, and real estate consulting businesses, and is currently of counsel to GrayRobinson, P.A.Those legal experiences have helped his legislative career.“The experience of being an attorney is helpful because the legislative position is one of negotiation and compromise and lawyers are trained to negotiate on a variety of levels,” Saunders said. “Their knowledge of how the law works from a practical standpoint is very helpful.”He encourages other members of the legal profession to take the plunge.“I would say to lawyers aspiring to be in the legislature: It is a wonderful institution, the work is inspiring, you can help the lives of millions of Floridians, there are tremendous intellectual challenges with it, and it’s a tremendous experience overall,” Saunders said.last_img read more

CO-OP statement about racial injustice

first_imgPeople helping people is the mission of the credit union movement. As a company built by, created for, and in service to all credit unions, we embody this mission.Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen the senseless and tragic deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and others. We share the widespread outrage and anguish and stand in support of the movement that has grown and galvanized millions across our country to protest the systemic racial injustice brought against our black communities and to call for change.To our black members, clients, employees  and communities we want you to know that your lives matter. We stand with you. We are committed to promoting equal opportunity and fighting against racism in all forms.People helping people is just that – a simple premise, but when backed by the power of cooperation, significant change can come about. This is the very essence of our company’s founding – it’s in our name, and we cannot live up to that name if we don’t speak out, take action, and work collectively to effect change. ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading »last_img read more

Spike in cases of Influenza B hit local children hard

first_img“It tends to target the pediatric population more commonly, and so we’ve seen a lot of kids, and the majority of them have tested positive for Flu B,” said Dr. Sean Holdridge, a pediatrician at Lourdes. “The flu shot is a dead vaccine, it’s not contagious, it can’t get you sick, it can’t give you the flu,” said Dr. Holdridge. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Last flu season, out of 2,344 cases of the flu in Broome County, only 54 were reports of Influenza B. This flu season, however, there have been 467 reported cases of the same strain in Broome County. Symptoms can include high fever, coughing, nausea, vomiting, and if serious enough, the flu can be fatal. Doctors say it’s not too late to get the flu shot, as reported cases come in as late as March. If you’re hesitant on taking your child for a flu shot, doctors suggest thinking again. “The research says that kids who are vaccinated and get sick are much less likely to be hospitalized and have bad outcomes,” Dr. Holdridge described. If your child does end up with the flu, doctors suggest staying away from others to prevent the illness from spreading. Influenza B, doctors say, typically has a harder impact on vulnerable populations, like children. Additionally, doctors suggest washing your hands and avoiding touching your face to decrease your chances at exposure. “The flu will kill people. It’s not like the common cold, it’s not like everybody gets the flu and survives, because a lot of people don’t,” said Dr. Holdridge. Besides getting a flu shot, doctors suggest washing your hands frequently and avoid touching your face. By doing this, you’ll limit your chances of exposure to the illness.last_img read more

Governor Wolf Orders Flags at Half-Staff to Honor Congressman Allen Ertel

first_imgGovernor Wolf Orders Flags at Half-Staff to Honor Congressman Allen Ertel Flag Order,  Press Release Harrisburg, PA  – Governor Tom Wolf has ordered all United States and Commonwealth flags in the Capitol Complex and at all commonwealth facilities in Lycoming County to fly at half-staff on Saturday, November 28th to honor former Congressman Allen Ertel.Ertel, 78, of Williamsport, dedicated his life to a career in public service; he served as the Lycoming County district attorney from 1967 until he left to represent the old 17th District in Congress from 1977 until 1983. Ertel was also a candidate for governor in 1982 and for state attorney general in 1984. He continued to serve the public through the non-profit human services organizations Families United Network Inc., and Firetree Ltd.Flags shall be lowered to half-staff at sunrise on November 28th and remain lowered until sunset.All Pennsylvanians are invited to participate in this tribute.# # #Like Governor Tom Wolf on Facebook: Facebook.com/GovernorWolf SHARE Email Facebook Twittercenter_img November 27, 2015last_img read more

Wolf Administration Announces BrandYourself.com to Create At Least 100 New Full-time Jobs in Lancaster

first_img Economy,  Jobs That Pay,  Press Release Harrisburg, PA – Governor Tom Wolf announced today that BrandYourself.com, Inc., an online reputation management company specializing in creating, monitoring, improving, and protecting an individual’s online presence, will expand operations and establish a site in the city of Lancaster, a business decision that will create 100 new full-time jobs with an estimated $5,000,000+ payroll.“I am pleased to announce that BrandYourself will be establishing operations in Lancaster and create at least 100 new jobs in the process,” said Governor Wolf. “Today’s announcement is a testament to the commonwealth becoming a place where businesses want to come, invest, and grow. We need to keep this momentum going.”BrandYourself.com will expand operations by immediately leasing a 9,800-square-foot building in the city of Lancaster. The project will include leasehold improvements, the purchase of office furniture, computers, and software. The company plans to invest at least $900,000 on the project and has also committed to creating at least 100 new full-time jobs over the next three years.The company received a funding proposal from the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) including a $200,000 Pennsylvania First Program grant, $300,000 in Job Creation Tax Credits to be distributed upon creation of the new jobs, and a $45,000 WEDnetPA grant to train its workforce.“The opening of BrandYourself’s new Lancaster office is an important step towards realizing the company’s goal to give our customers the tools and services they need to manage their reputation online”, says Patrick Ambron, CEO of BrandYourself.com, Inc. “The online reputation management industry is rapidly growing and Lancaster is the perfect place to help expand BrandYourself’s talented workforce and accelerate the company’s growth as leaders in the industry.”Project support was coordinated by the Governor’s Action Team, an experienced group of economic development professionals who report directly to the Governor and work with businesses that are considering locating or expanding in Pennsylvania. This effort was undertaken in collaboration with the Lancaster City Alliance, the city of Lancaster, Economic Development Company of Lancaster County, and Oaktree Development.“It has been tremendously exciting to see how the Lancaster business community aggressively rallied around the opportunity to promote Lancaster as the best choice for BrandYourself’s expanded operations,” said Lancaster City Alliance’s President and CEO, Bob Shoemaker. Lancaster City Alliance, an economic development nonprofit supported by the private sector, focuses on economic development and quality of life strategies solely for the city of Lancaster.“Our City’s spirit of collaboration and thriving entrepreneurship helped the exceptional BrandYourself team see Lancaster as a natural fit,” added Marshall Snively, Lancaster City Alliance’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director of Lancaster’s Downtown Investment District.Mayor Gray was gratified to hear that BrandYourself.com, Inc. has decided to locate in the City of Lancaster. Mayor Gray said, “With our partners at the Lancaster City Alliance, EDC, and DCED, the City has been focused on creating skilled jobs that pay a living wage. BrandYourself’s commitment to create 100 full-time jobs over the next three years, with potential for further growth in future years, is a direct result of those efforts.”BrandYourself.com is expanding its business to the Oak Tree Development Group’s historic office building located at 53 West James Street with the assistance of Marilyn Berger and Berkshire Hathaway. Michael O’Brien, Oak Tree’s President, stated that “BrandYourself will further strengthen the argument that Lancaster is a great place to live, work, and play.”BrandYourself.com is both the first DIY platform and leading service provider to help anyone create, monitor, improve, and protect their reputation online. Since its launch in 2012, BrandYourself.com has been recognized by the White House, named a “Best Entrepreneurial Company in America” by Entrepreneur Magazine, declared “Best Online Reputation Services for Individuals” by Business News Daily and appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank, where they walked away from a $2 million offer – one of the highest offers in the show’s history.BrandYourself.com is now accepting resumes to fill positions for the Lancaster office’s opening in early spring of 2016. For further information on BrandYourself.com and to view available positions in Lancaster, visit brandyourself.com/info/about/jobs.For more information about the Governor’s Action Team or more about DCED visit www.newpa.com. Wolf Administration Announces BrandYourself.com to Create At Least 100 New Full-time Jobs in Lancaster SHARE Email Facebook Twittercenter_img January 13, 2016last_img read more

VBMS Orders Tekmar CPS Units for East Anglia ONE Cables

first_imgCable protection specialist Tekmar Energy has been awarded a contract by VBMS to supply its 7th generation of TekLink Cable Protection Systems (CPSs), bellmouths and cover disks for ScottishPower Renewables’ East Anglia ONE offshore wind farm.In January 2017, VBMS won a contract of around EUR 100 million for the supply, installation and burial, as well as termination and testing of 102 66kV inter-array cables.VBMS has awarded contracts on the project to both Tekmar and JDR Cables, both based in the North East of England, who will supply the CPSs and 66 kV inter-array power cables, respectively.The 714MW East Anglia ONE, located 43km off the Suffolk Coast in the southern North Sea, will consist of 102 Siemens 7MW wind turbines.East Anglia ONE marks the second UK round 3 project Tekmar has protected the cables on after the Rampion offshore wind farm project which is currently in installation.James Ritchie, CEO at Tekmar said: “Not only is East Anglia the second UK round 3 project we have worked on, it’s also the second 66kV cable project we have worked on which puts Tekmar at the forefront of cable protection on these new and innovative large scale projects of the future.”The three companies also worked together on the Sandbank and Dudgeon Offshore wind farm projects in the UK.last_img read more

City gov’t kicks off drive vs noisy mufflers

first_imgThe Anti-Modified Muffler Ordinance (“OrdinanceProhibiting the Selling and Using of Modified Mufflers of Public and PrivateMotor Vehicles in Iloilo City and Providing Penalties Thereof”) was unanimouslyapproved by the city council and covered both private and public utilityvehicles. “So far we have not encounteredresistance,” said Conlu. “A LandTransportation Office Administrative Order, meanwhile, allows up to 115decibels f noise away from the source. The 115 decibels is too loud already butis tolerated only because of the lack of a noise measuring device,” statedGanzon. Itwas authored by then councilor Joshua Alim and supported by the Committee onPolice, Fire, Penology, Public Safety, Order and Security, Dangerous Drugs andRehabilitation then chaired by Councilor Jeffrey Ganzon, now the city’s vicemayor. Mufflers filterthe sound and the smoke emission from motor vehicles’ engines. The anti-muffler ordinance wasapproved by the Sangguniang Panlungsod in April 2017 yet. The lack of sound meterdevices, however, stalled its enforcement. “So they could help enforce theordinance,” said Conlu. Twelve motorcycles have so far beenapprehended, according to PSTMO chief Jeck Conlu. ILOILO City – The Public Safety andTransportation Management Office (PSTMO) has started enforcing theAnti-Modified Muffler Ordinance, the city government’s answer to complaintsagainst excessive, irritating and unhealthful sound produced by improvisedmufflers of motor vehicles. In his committeereport, Ganzon recommended that 90 decibel should be the basis for apprehendingvehicles with loud, irritating noise, citing Presidential Decree 953 which alsoset 90 decibels of noise audible in a 10-meter radius is allowable. The apprehended drivers claimed theydid not know there was such an ordinance, said Conlu, “but waay na kita nagpaayo. Ginhambalan naton sila nga ibalik nila ang ila originalmufflers.” It was only recently that two soundmeter devices were acquired, said Conlu. The licenses of their drivers wereconfiscated and citation tickets were issued. The city government plans to purchase20 more of these devices for distribution to various district police stations. The committeeconducted two hearings – on Feb. 27, 2017 and April 7, 2017 – attended byowners of big bikes, transport groups, tricycle associations, and mufflerinstallers. Since this was their first offense,the drivers were fined P1,000 each as provided for in the ordinance.The second offense has a fine of P3,000 and the third offense, P5,000 plusconfiscation of mufflers. Violators of saidordinance will face corresponding and penalties./PNlast_img read more

Lady Bulldogs Results At Ben Davis

first_imgBatesville traveled to the Ben Davis Invitational and cam e out 9th of nine teams. (Zionsville, Western Boone, Scecina, Muncie Burris, Jennings County, Martinsville, Ben Davis, East Central & Batesville).Zionsville Wins tourney and Western Boone take second.Batesville vs. BD VB (9-19)Batesville Vs. IS VB (9-19)Batesville vs. JC VB (9-19)Batesville vs. Z VB (9-19)Batesville welcomes Rushville on Tuesday September 22nd with at 5:00 pm JV start.Courtesy of Bulldogs Coach Chris Fox.last_img

Fayette Regional receives “huge boost” with one million dollar grant for the development of North Star Recovery residential treatment facility

first_imgConnersville, In. — Fayette Regional Health System is proud to announce that they have received $1M from Purdue Pharma to aid in the development of an adult residential recovery service. This proposed 30-bed substance addiction treatment facility will fall under the scope of services provided by North Star Recovery, and will be in the former GrandView Pharmacy building located at 2330 N Park Rd, Connersville, IN.Fayette Regional Foundation generously gifted the former GrandView Pharmacy building to FRHS in 2017, and FRHS soon began to seek partners through donations and grants to create this complementary service.“We’re very appreciative that Purdue Pharma stepped up to be the first to award a grant to this project,” said Randy White, FRHS President and CEO. “Besides the obvious impact on the substance abuse crisis, we are excited to create new jobs in the community and prepare folks to reenter the workforce as well.”Once complete, North Star Recovery residential treatment will house both male and female patients who will be presented with structured living and programming for a minimum of 28 days. This residency typically follows detoxification treatment, and improves outcomes and chances of long term sobriety. The facility will be staffed with psychiatrists, counselors, social workers and other staff who have experience helping people overcome the physical and psychological aspects of addiction. The hope is to create an adult residential treatment facility that merges innovative care and patient-focused programming in a compassionate setting.This hope gained a significant victory recently with the confirmation of the Purdue Pharma grant.“We still have a journey ahead of us,” said Katrina Norris, Director of Behavioral Health & Addiction Services at Fayette Regional. “However, the generosity of Purdue Pharma is a huge boost, making it possible for us to begin working with local contractors to transition the current building.”Fayette Regional Hospital and its ancillary service locations are in the very heart of the opioid epidemic in Indiana. Fayette Regional is the number one hospital (per capita) in Indiana for saving lives of overdose patients. Within the last year, Fayette County has noted a 40% increase in drug/alcohol deaths with the highest drug poisoning death rate (per capita) of any county in the state of Indiana. Rates in surrounding counties are staggering as well. Fayette Regional currently works with several local and state agencies to advocate for change and share resources in the fight against drug and alcohol addiction.“The national epidemic, created by numerous series of events, requires a shared response by many,” Norris added. “While no single intervention alone will solve this crisis, determination and innovation with the proper partnerships is a step in the right direction.”To learn more about supporting North Star Recovery residential treatment through donations and grant funding, contact Katrina Norris at 765-827-7960 or [email protected] About North Star RecoveryFayette Regional is adherent to the fact that substance abuse is a disease that deserves to be treated like any other debilitating condition. As a hospital that is committed to serving all who come for treatment, North Star Recovery was created to provide a comprehensive continuum of services to promote recovery and allow individuals to fully integrate into society, assist with setting goals, maintain long-term sobriety, access needed social services, transition to the next level of care, avoid gaps in service and provide rapid response to threats of relapse.North Star Recovery currently offers comprehensive outpatient counseling programs and the newly opened withdrawal management services. North Star withdrawal management is an all-inclusive, 4.0 detoxification unit licensed to handle medical/surgical patients in a psychiatric-safe environment with priority given to patients who are HIV positive. The 46-bed unit is located on the third floor of the main Fayette Regional Hospital campus, and made possible by a nearly $10 million federal grant in 2017 from the Indiana State Department of Health through the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program – Part B.In addition, a full continuum of adolescent substance addiction recovery services and comprehensive outpatient counseling programs are offered through Fayette Regional Care Pavilion..About Fayette Regional Health SystemSince our founding in 1913, Fayette Regional Health System has been dedicated to the health of our community, and the quality of life of the residents of the Whitewater Valley.Fayette Regional is headquartered in Connersville, Indiana. Our main facility, Fayette Regional Hospital, contains Surgical Care Center; Cancer Care Center – area’s newest and most advanced linear accelerator; Center for Facial Plastics; Diagnostic Imaging Center – with the area’s largest and fastest MRI and 3D Mammography; Women’s Center; Heart Care Center – coordinated with St. Vincent Heart Center; Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center; Pain Management Center; Emergency Care Department and more.Connersville is also the location of many other FRHS off-campus services and facilities: Primary Care Center; Pediatric Health Group; Healthy Women OB/GYN; Fayette Regional Care Pavilion – adolescent behavioral health with expanded adolescent substance abuse treatment services; Women and Children’s Center, Healthworks, – fitness and wellness center.Fayette Regional emphasizes excellent quality and service provided by a highly skilled team of professionals with state-of-the art equipment and facilities. Serving Fayette, Franklin, and Union Counties, as well as the entire Whitewater Valley.last_img read more

Expulsion warning as Chinese teams enter 70-day virus ‘bubble’

first_img Loading… Chinese Super League clubs were warned their season could be over if they break strict coronavirus rules, as Wuhan Zall led teams into a sealed-off hotel that will be their home for more than two months. The revamped and truncated CSL campaign kicks off on Saturday, five months later than scheduled, with matches played behind closed doors. The 16 teams have been split into two groups for the first phase of the season, one in the northeastern city of Dalian and the other in Suzhou, near Shanghai. Players, coaches and support staff will have their movements severely restricted for the next 70 days and when not training or playing matches they must stay in their hotel. As part of measures to create a safe “bubble” they cannot see their families and the teams will stay in a single hotel in each of the two host cities. “Our anti-epidemic measures are very strict and those who violate them could be kicked out of the league for this season,” Qi Jun, the CSL official responsible for virus control, told the state Xinhua news agency. “The teams and players should not expect to be only fined or suspended for their violation.” Fabio Cannavaro’s reigning champions Guangzhou Evergrande play FA Cup winners Shanghai Shenhua in the season-opener on Saturday in Dalian, followed the same day by Wuhan Zall versus Qingdao Huanghai in Suzhou. Wuhan were picked to play on the first day of the season in a symbolic nod towards the city’s well-publicised fight against coronavirus. The virus emerged in the central Chinese city towards the end of last year before spreading worldwide, with people living there subjected to a particularly harsh 76-day lockdown. Wuhan Zall fans lit flares as the team left for Suzhou and players and staff – all wearing masks – arrived at the sealed-off hotel late on Saturday. They were cleared to train the next day after all tested negative for coronavirus, the club said. Promoted ContentSome Impressive And Almost Shocking Robots That ExistInsane 3D Spraying Skills Turn In Incredible Street Art90s Stunners Who Still Look GorgeousWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?The Most Exciting Cities In The World To VisitTarantino’s Latest Effort Will Probably Be His Best To DateWhich Celebrity Endorsement Deals Were Worth The Most?Best & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever Made5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme ParksWhich Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?7 Universities Where Getting An Education Costs A Hefty Penny9 Facts You Should Know Before Getting A Tattoo Read Also: Solskjaer takes blame for team selection in Chelsea defeat “We have been training for the new season since January, the players have worked very hard and are fully prepared,” Wuhan’s Spanish coach Jose Gonzalez said. “I hope the whole team will go all out to bring happiness to the Wuhan fans, who have emerged from the shadow of the epidemic.” FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 last_img read more