Hope for continental recovery, in 2013

first_imgAfter years of austerity measures and financial reforms aimed at unhealthy economies and national debt levels, a top European official on Tuesday cited hopeful signs that a “slow and subdued” European recovery could begin by next year.Olli Rehn, vice president of the European Commission, the European Union’s (EU) executive body, said that the average budget deficit of European nations has fallen from 6 percent in 2009 and 2010 to 4 percent in 2011, and is expected to fall 3 percent this year and next.Beyond that, he said the economic reforms show signs of working, with fiscally troubled Ireland now able to access financial markets, surprising export growth in struggling Portugal, difficult banking reforms approaching passage in Spain, and budgetary progress in Greece, where the deficit has fallen from 16 percent of the overall budget in 2009 to 6 percent this year.“I am bringing better news from across the ocean,” Rehn said. “I’m convinced that all this hard work will start bearing fruit in the not-too-distant future, and in fact the first signs are already visible.”However, high unemployment remains a major area of concern, especially among the continent’s youth. Some critics have said that the steps taken so far have focused too heavily on reducing budget deficits at a time when public spending could stimulate job growth and lower unemployment. But Rehn said he believes that healthier governments are key to future economic strength, and that talk of getting rid of the euro so countries can pursue individual cures would mean even deeper economic dislocation and recession.Rehn made his comments to a packed auditorium and nearby overflow room at the Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies. The talk, titled “Rebuilding the Economic and Monetary Union,” was hosted by Kenneth Rogoff, the Thomas D. Cabot Professor of Public Policy in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences’ Economics Department.“It’s quite extraordinary to have the vice president of the commission here. There’s just a little bit going on in Europe,” Rogoff quipped.Rehn said that despite the flood of negative news coming from the continent, Europe is stronger than perceived, with a market of 500 million people and a third of the globe’s economic output. As a region, the EU remains the largest trading partner of the United States, China, and many other nations.In addition, he pointed out, despite the current economic troubles, Europe remains stable and at peace, important factors given the continent’s troubled history.It is apparent now, Rehn said, that the economic good times after the adoption of the euro in 1999 were wasted. He also said that economic reform, though it may seem severe today in countries that had soaring budget deficits, isn’t something that can be undertaken and finished forever. Rather, it needs to be an ongoing part of a constantly changing economic scene. It wasn’t that long ago, he pointed out, that Germany and other nations considered strong today were experiencing their own crises.“All those countries had to go through very serious reform of their fiscal policy and structural elements,” Rehn said. “There is never anything eternal in economic success.”Rehn said he looks forward to a vigorous debate on closer political ties among European nations, which some analysts have proposed as a necessary step to avoid future crises. A more critical issue, given the current crisis, is a tighter fiscal union — provisions of which are outlined in a fiscal treaty signed earlier this year and awaiting ratification — with integrated banking laws, protections against bank failure, integrated economic policy frameworks, and budgetary guidelines aimed at preventing the kind of imbalances among nations that sparked the current crisis.Rehn said that European and national officials have been forced to work as both firefighters dealing with crisis and as architects designing reforms that will shape future relations between countries, their businesses, institutions, and citizens.Although some analysts have said that, having weathered the initial crisis, the European nations could focus on plans for the future, Rehn said there are still aspects of the downturn that are ongoing.“We do have to continue with firefighting for some time to come,” he said.last_img read more

New Bishop Of Buffalo Diocese Named

first_imgImage by the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo.BUFFALO – A new Bishop has been named to head the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo.The Diocese announced Tuesday morning that Michael William Fisher has been appointed by Pope Francis.Fisher, who will become the 15th Bishop of the Diocese of Buffalo, says he is “deeply humbled and grateful to the Holy Father for this gift to serve the people of Buffalo as their Bishop.”“Though the challenges that currently confront the Diocese of Buffalo are many and significant, they are not equal to the resolve of so many committed lay women and men, devoted priests, deacons and religious across Western New York, who are no less determined to reveal God’s transformative love that has the power to bind every wound, renew and make us whole,” Fisher says. “We would do well to recall the promise in Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians: ‘No eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the human heart conceived, what God has prepared for those who love him.’” Following the controversial exit of former bishop Richard Malone, Albany Bishop Edward Scharfenberger was serving as Apostolic Administrator for the Buffalo Diocese.Scharfenberger calls this “a blessed and wonderful day for the good people across western New York.”“In Bishop Michael Fisher, they have been given a priest, pastor and bishop whose passion to serve, to listen, to heal and comfort have distinguished his 30-year ministry. It has been among my life’s great joys to get to know and assist this faith-filled community, to accompany them in their initial steps on the path toward renewal and redefine the enormous potential of the Church to accomplish so much good across this region,” Scharfenberger says.Fisher is 62-years-old and a native of Baltimore. He previously served as an auxiliary bishop for the Archdiocese of Washington and a chaplain to Pope John Paul II.His’s installation will take place on January 15 in the Cathedral of Saint Joseph in Buffalo. Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Hot Pockets? Don’t Mind If We Do, Jim Gaffigan [Review]

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Comedian Jim Gaffigan was his usual self-deprecating self Thursday night at NYCB Theatre at Westbury, mocking his own girth and professing his insatiable affection for food, while tossing in several perfectly-timed zingers that tickled the sold-out crowd inside the intimate venue. Under dimmed lights, Gaffigan, who also took time to sign copies of his new book Food: A Love Story, capped the night with another rip-roaring routine about—what else?—Hot Pockets, which he described as a diarrhea-inducing monstrosity that essentially is only good for judging a person’s level of intoxication (aka if you’re really plastered you’ll bravely open the freezer and pop one in the microwave, and then subsequently regret you’re ill-fated decision). The crowd roared upon Gaffigan’s signature high-pitched, drawn-out mention of the frozen turnover. Gaffigan, a seasoned comedian who hails from Indiana, was comfortable on stage—as usual. His jokes about religion, food, his family and everyday life, were well-received. The jokes are only part of what makes Gaffigan a top-notch comedian, however. He is also a polished entertainer who specializes in seamless transitions and understands how to skillfully weave together a perfect narrative, oftentimes using food, whether it be donuts, steak, bread or Hot Pockets, as the glue. What makes Gaffigan so appealing as a comedian is his ability to punctuate one-liners without resorting to profane language. He also genuinely comes off as an everyman, several times discussing his wife and five kids, who he himself picks up from school in New York City. He credited his wife for assisting with his material, but wasn’t afraid to use her to get some laughs. When talking about his wife’s driving ability, he noted that while he’s not a sexist he refuses to allow her behind the wheel when they’re in the car because he doesn’t want to die, but is fine with her driving the kids around. He’s also willing to invoke his children for a good joke. The best was when he talked about how his kids call him on the phone just so they can hear his voice. “Just buy my album,” he deadpanned. Perhaps his best moments came when he ribbed people who carry their dogs around in bags or dress their pups in jackets and walk past homeless people on the streets of New York City who would do anything for a warm, leathery overcoat. He also professed bewilderment at people walking into elevators without questioning the potential consequences, calling the machines “a casket with a string.” Always enjoyable is when Gaffigan turns the jokes on himself. Gaffigan, perhaps best known for his routines about food, said he often has donuts waiting for him inside hotel rooms. “I’m not not going to eat them,” he said to a cacophony of laughs. Gaffigan also mocked his milky-white pigmentation and blonde hair, joking that when he walks around the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum—which he said he wholeheartedly recommends—people point and whisper: “He did it.” Gaffigan shines the brightest when he dishes on food. He revealed that he loves steaks above all else. Steaks, he said, have a steakhouse, while Tuna, well—that only gets a can. Gaffigan also admitted a distaste for fish. The best compliment a plate of fish can get is “It’s not fishy,” he said to a mix of laughs and applause. Gaffigan was nearly through with his performance when he decided to give the audience one final treat. “Hoooot Pooockeeets,” he said in his typical high-pitched tone, as the crowd applauded and smiled.last_img read more

New Year’s Resolutions From Alure Home Improvements To Make Your House A Dream Come True In 2016

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Sponsored Content Brought To You By Alure Home ImprovementsAs 2015 comes to end, now is the perfect time to make New Year’s resolutions for your home. And thanks to your friends at Alure Home Improvements, we’ll be sure to help you make those resolutions come true!Whether it’s a big project like raising the roof, or a small touch-up job such as adding a new coat of paint, we’ve got it covered. Let us suggest some projects to start you thinking in the right direction.Here’s a suggestion that won’t cost you anything more than your time. Take a good, hard look at everything around you because with the dawn of a new day comes the opportunity to throw what you don’t need away—and to do it without guilt. Begin the New Year with a bang. Don’t cling to the past! Get rid of that clutter and you’ll feel better. You’ll see. From the attic to the closet to the basement to the garage, we’ll help you decide what you can truly live without.For starters, try taking some daring décor risks with your interior decorating. You’ll want to add some color, some charm, something to liven up the space.Step one is to approach your living room and remove everything that’s not nailed down. Put these items on your kitchen table where you can sort through it later. Get rid of all the accessories. Move the furniture so you can dust underneath them. You’ll appreciate that fresh scent.Now you have the chance to reconfigure the space when you replace them. Swap your table lamps, move your bookcases to another wall, if you can. Change the curtains. Rearrange the sofas and couches. Put the TV somewhere else. If you have the energy, repaint the walls and the ceiling, especially if it’s cracked and the paint is peeling. At least, add a plant—the green will do you good.Before you’re done, look at all that stuff you piled on the kitchen table with a very critical eye. If you don’t know where it came from, toss it in the trash. If it’s dusty or broken, what are you waiting for? Get rid of that stuff. If you need moral support, you’re not alone. There’s a reason that one of the hottest self-help books on the bestseller lists this year is Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Having a well-organized home can improve your mood as well as your physical and mental health.Click here to learn more about Alure Home ImprovementsTo think big, we suggest you consider replacing your front door—or your back door—because this well-used portal wears out fast. If it’s old and cracked, it’s an energy-waster, too, besides making a terrible first impression for your visitors. Maybe this is the year to upgrade your kitchen—we’re experts at Alure Home Improvements, with advice to fit every budget—and satisfaction guaranteed. If your family has grown, why not turn your attic into a bedroom? The remodeling construction costs aren’t prohibitive, because you’re just gaining space under the same roof. Looking outdoors. What about getting a deck or a patio in 2016? This way you can expand your home’s living space more economically than by adding a new addition. But if you want to go that ambitious route, we’re there to help.If you want to increase your home’s curb appeal, replace that old garage door. For that matter, why stop there? Consider new siding, whether vinyl or fiber-cement, because it’s low-cost, durable, simple to install, and easy to maintain. There are a host of options just waiting for you to choose from.For the hottest ideas, here’s what’s trending in 2016, according to top designer Robin Wilson, author of Clean Design: Wellness for Your Lifestyle. Quartz stone countertops are increasingly popular because they’re durable, antibacterial and easily maintainable. Setting up an entry foyer bench lets people remove their shoes and outwear when they just come into your house, which confines dirt and toxins.Replacing your kitchen sink with an undermount model can reduce the amount of bacteria that’s usually trapped around the lip of your sink. Since the kitchen is recognized as the “heart of the home,” think about opening up that space so family and friends can easily come together for good times and happy meals. And if the kitchen table has become someone’s de-facto office, it’s time to create a better home office space.Speaking of space, the trouble with buying bulk items from big box stores like BJ’s and Costco is: Where do you put that stuff when you come home? Maybe it’s time to add a pantry off your kitchen where you might also put another refrigerator or freezer for more food storage. If you’re high-tech at work, maybe you want to bring your home into the space age with remote controls that let you manage security, temperature, lights, mechanical window shades and other features from your smart phones when you’re away.High-end construction folks are installing curbless showers to improve accessibility for those who might be in a wheelchair so they can maneuver themselves right into the stall and use a handheld fixture to take a shower. And, last but not least, these days, many people are exploring all the shades of white—they’re at least 96 tints—to do something subtle for a change when a bright color is too bold to feel right.Whatever you resolve to do, remember, we’re here to help at Alure Home Improvements. May your house be a dream come true in 2016!last_img read more

Utilizing public relations to promote community service

first_imgEvery credit union does tremendous work in its community. The efforts are genuine and tied to the mission of credit unions – people helping people. While no credit union engaged in this type of activity is doing it with a goal of self-promotion, there can be some benefit to letting those outside the reach of the credit union know about your work.When credit unions get involved in their community, people benefit. From fundraising to service projects to providing financial education, community members are well served when credit unions are active. For example, a community experiences a natural disaster, such as a fire or a flood. Recovery and relief activities can include a credit union taking donations or coordinating efforts for financial assistance. When those functions are publicized, through media relations and social media promotion, the impact on the fundraising efforts can be strong, increasing the reach and potentially, the amount of money raised to help the community.Another example is when credit unions get involved in efforts to help during things like back to school. Many credit unions are tied to school systems, so it is a natural extension of their mission to help gather school supplies and backpacks for children in their community. When a credit union gets the word out beyond its membership, donations increase, and there is the potential to gain new members. Financial education, a driving principle of a credit union’s purpose, is a strong gateway to the community. When a credit union provides services such as budget planning, financial education and even things like reality fairs – experiencing real-world scenarios like poverty simulations and budgeting for everyday living – it is a way to reach people in the community who may have never heard about a credit union or know what the difference is in having a credit union membership.When a credit union’s community efforts strike a chord with people within that community, a door is opened. There is an opportunity to educate those who may not know what a credit union is, to talk about the benefits of becoming a member of a credit union, to highlight those services within the credit union that could possibly help serve the needs of potential members. Public relations and social media efforts provide simple tools to help get the word out to both your existing membership, as well as others in your community who might resonate with the activity you are promoting. Encouraging members to share your social media posts is a simple way to organically spread the word about your efforts. Working with your Association’s public relations resources can provide you with tools that can get the word out to local media to promote your programs.When credit unions take the time to tell their story, many people benefit. 52SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Patti Hazlett As Director of Corporate Communications for the Mountain West Credit Union Association, Patti oversees all aspects of public affairs and communications for the Association and member credit unions. She is … Web: https://mwcua.com Detailslast_img read more

La Administración Wolf firma órdenes que permiten a los restaurantes aumentar la ocupación en interiores al 50 por ciento

first_img SHARE Email Facebook Twitter Los restaurantes deben completar el proceso de autocertificación en Internet antes del 5 de octubre cuando comience la aplicación relativa al 50 por ciento de ocupación. La autocertificación seguirá estando disponible después del 5 de octubre.Los dueños de negocios deben conservar una copia de la confirmación de la autocertificación que recibirán por correo electrónico. La autocertificación se utilizará como parte de las medidas de cumplimiento vigentes implementadas por el Departamento de Agricultura y la Oficina de Control de Bebidas Alcohólicas de la Policía Estatal de Pennsylvania, y se compartirá con los departamentos de Estado, Trabajo e Industria y Salud, y otras agencias de cumplimiento.La autocertificación no implicará inspecciones adicionales. Las inspecciones programadas periódicamente o basadas en quejas de las agencias de cumplimiento no se verán afectadas por el estado de la certificación. De hecho, la certificación demuestra que una empresa se compromete a proteger a los empleados y a brindar a los clientes una experiencia gastronómica segura. Toda infracción a la salud y la seguridad en los negocios autocertificados se manejará primero con advertencias e información en lugar de multas u otras sanciones.La Administración Wolf ha publicado Preguntas frecuentes como una referencia para los dueños de restaurantes y para el público, junto con una guía actualizada para restaurantes.Los propietarios de restaurantes que tengan preguntas adicionales sobre el programa de autocertificación pueden comunicarse con [email protected] this information in English. La Administración Wolf firma órdenes que permiten a los restaurantes aumentar la ocupación en interiores al 50 por ciento Economy,  Español,  Press Release,  Public Health Orden del Gobernador WolfOrden de la Secretaria de SaludComo parte de las medidas constantes de la Administración Wolf para garantizar la salud y la seguridad públicas y apoyar la recuperación económica durante la pandemia de COVID-19, el Gobernador Tom Wolf y la Secretaria de Salud la Dra. Rachel Levine firmaron hoy nuevas órdenes tras el reciente anuncio de que los restaurantes pueden aumentar la ocupación en interiores al 50 por ciento a partir del lunes 21 de septiembre. La orden exige que la venta de alcohol para consumo en el lugar finalice a las 11:00 p.m. a partir del lunes 21 de septiembre y a todos los clientes se les deben retirar las bebidas alcohólicas antes de la medianoche. Esto aplica tanto a los restaurantes que no se autocertifican para aumentar al 50 por ciento como a los que optan por quedarse al 25 por ciento. No hay cambios en los requisitos para la venta temporal de cócteles para llevar y la venta de alcohol para llevar de bares, restaurantes u hoteles con licencia de venta de bebidas alcohólicas.“A medida que continuamos tomando medidas cruciales para mitigar la propagación de la COVID-19, también reconocemos que esta pandemia ha implicado un costo significativo en la industria de servicios alimentarios, por lo que debemos equilibrar la salud pública y la recuperación económica”, dijo el Gobernador Wolf. “Estas órdenes dan a los restaurantes la posibilidad de aumentar la ocupación en interiores de manera segura al tiempo que brindan confianza a los clientes cuando deciden frecuentar un restaurante”.El proceso de autocertificación recientemente anunciado permitirá a los restaurantes aumentar la ocupación en interiores al 50 por ciento mientras cumplen con las medidas de mitigación que mantendrán a los empleados y clientes seguros. A partir del 21 de septiembre, los restaurantes pueden comenzar a enviar sus documentos de autocertificación a una base de datos llamada Open & Certified Pennsylvania.Los restaurantes que se autocertifiquen aparecerán en la base de datos en Internet que admite búsquedas Open & Certified Pennsylvania, que incluye a los restaurantes certificados en todo el estado, y recibirán materiales que indican que pertenecen a Open & Certified Pennsylvania, como adhesivos para ventanas y otros carteles que designen su certificación, que pueden mostrar a los clientes y empleados.Los documentos de autocertificación y la información sobre el programa Open & Certified Pennsylvania estarán disponibles en Internet a partir del 21 de septiembre y contendrán lo siguiente:Una lista de los requisitos de la actual guía de la industria de restaurantes y las medidas de aplicación;Una declaración de que el propietario ha revisado estos requisitos y se compromete a seguirlos;El número máximo de ocupación en interiores de la empresa según el código de incendios, yUna declaración de que el propietario comprende que la certificación está sujeta a sanciones debido a la falsificación no jurada a las autoridades. September 17, 2020last_img read more

UK timberland fund aimed at global pension funds

first_img“Timber prices are expected to increase globally due to rising demand in the developing world, and to constrained supply as illegal logging becomes better policed.“Meanwhile, UK timberland is an ethical investment, as all FIM-managed forests are certified as 100% sustainable.”The new fund will offer a combination of long-term capital growth and income, with an annual distribution of 1-2% of capital invested.Crosbie Dawson said the fund would select high-yield assets well located for timber markets, with good infrastructure and unconstrained access.Assets will also be selected on their potential for ‘higher and better use’ (HBU), particularly in relation to wind farms.The fund will own the timberland – i.e. the trees plus the land on which they grow.FIM will acquire commercial plantations within the UK, which consist primarily of Sitka spruce – the fastest-growing conifer in the UK – and with the largest number of end-uses.Plantations will be located mainly in Scotland and Wales, the wettest parts of the UK, where the trees grow the quickest.Trees are harvested when they are between 30 and 50 years old, giving the owner flexibility in the timing of harvesting and the ability to secure the optimum timber price.No UK corporation tax is payable on the sale of the timber, and there is no capital gains tax on the increase in value of the timber.FIM, which has more than £500m under management, also runs two funds for retail investors – FIM Forest Fund I and FIM Sustainable Timber and Energy – with £63m and £99m, respectively, under management.The company also manages several funds investing in onshore wind farms.Crosbie Dawson said that although a substantial portion of the fund’s assets would be invested in Scotland, it was unlikely to be affected by a potential vote in favour of Scottish independence.“The regulator – Forestry Commission Scotland – is already an independent entity, so there should be no regulatory changes,” he said.“The tax treatment might change, but the forestry sector is an economic success story in Scotland, employing 40,000 people in rural areas, so we are of the opinion politicians will not want to implement any policies that might have a negative effect.” FIM Services, the UK-based forestry and renewable energy investment manager, has launched its first institutional fund, the FIM UK Timberland Fund, with an initial target of £100m (€125m) to be raised from a number of cornerstone investors, including pension funds worldwide.The fund is intended to give institutions the chance to invest in high-quality, well-located commercial plantations, taking advantage of current opportunities FIM has in the pipeline.Anthony Crosbie Dawson, forestry portfolio manager at FIM, said timberland was an attractive asset for pension funds to consider because it had no correlation with equities, and served as a hedge against inflation.“Furthermore,” he added, “forestry gives strong returns underpinned by biological growth.last_img read more

Utility Work in Batesville

first_imgBATESVILLE, Ind. — Duke Energy is doing maintenance on a pole at Mulberry and George Street.Mulberry will be closed from Pearl to George until approx 2 PM Thursday.last_img

Kerri Lynn James

first_imgKerri Lynn James, 43, of Milan, Indiana, passed away Friday June 22, 2018 in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.She was born September 27, 1974 in Lawrenceburg, IN, daughter of Jimmie Lee James and Linda (Brookbank) Brewer.Kerri worked for Ridgewood Health Campus, with 5 years of service.She was an avid book reader, attended the IRC Convention and she was a Harry Potter Fan as well as a big Walking Dead fan.Kerri is survived by her father, Jimmie Lee (Pamela) James of Milan, Indiana, mother, Linda Brewer of Madison, IN.; best friend/sister, Michele Theetge of Lawrenceburg, IN; brother, John C. (Helen Potraffke) James of Lawrenceburg, IN; Niece, Tiffany Potraffke.Friends will be received Saturday, June 30, 2018, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm at the Manchester Fire Department, 10457 State Rd. 48, Aurora, Indiana.Services will be held at 4:00 pm immediately following visitation.Contributions may be made to defray funeral expenses. If unable to attend services, please call the funeral home office at (812) 926-1450 and we will notify the family of your donation with a card.Visit: www.rullmans.comlast_img read more

Carney sweeps Red River Roundup Sprint features

first_imgWICHITA FALLS, Texas ­(March 4-5) –­ John Carney was late getting to the track Friday night, and that was the only time he was late getting anywhere during the March 4-5 Red River Roundup.Carney won both IMCA EMI RaceSaver Sprint Car features during the opening weekend for the new Sprint Series of Oklahoma at Red River Speedway, earning $700 on Friday and $1,000 on Saturday.The sweep gave him 14 straight RaceSaver feature wins, including last September’s Sprint Car Nationals.“I had a great car both nights. I could go anywhere on the track with it and that was thanks to my crew,” noted Carney, driver of the Coyote Candle Company ride.After missing the draw and racing from ninth to second in his heat, Carney’s Friday checkers came from 14th starting in the main event. He was on time Saturday and won his heat, then started outside the front row and led all 25 laps.Tim Crawley, Justin Melton, Zane Lawrence and Joe Wood Jr. completed the opening night top five. Jake Bubak, Andy Shouse, Wood and Crawley were second through fifth, respectively, on Saturday.Carney was up to seventh in just two laps on opening night, making use of the lower line while much of the rest of the field opted for the high side, and was running second when the seventh circuit was scored. A lapped car came into play when he passed Crawley for the lead around midway.“Tim ran the top side. I knew I’d have to pass him low so I started running the top in (turns) one and two and the bottom in three and four,” Carney said. “He came up on a lapped car and didn’t have quite the momentum. I had a full head of steam and was able to pass them both.”The green flag stayed out for the first 20 circuits on Saturday. Two lapped cars separated Carney and Bubak before the caution waved with five to go.“After the restart I just concentrated on hitting my marks,” he said. ”I was pretty sure no one would be able to catch me.”Feature ResultsMarch 4 – 1. John Carney II; 2. Tim Crawley; 3. Justin Melton; 4. Zane Lawrence; 5. Joe Wood Jr.; 6. Jake Bubak; 7. Andy Shouse; 8. Jake Martens; 9. C.J. Hulsey; 10. David Wilsey; 11. Logan Scherb; 12. T.J. Homkamp; 13. T. J. Michael; 14. Zack Blurton; 15. Brandon Long; 16. Sterling Hoff; 17. Michelle Melton; 18. Joey Starnes; 19. Martin Edwards; 20. John Kelley; 21. Chase Parson.March 5 – 1. Carney; 2. Bubak; 3. Shouse; 4. Wood; 5. Crawley; 6. Justin Melton; 7. Hulsey; 8. Martens; 9. Lawrence; 10. Michelle Melton; 11. Ryan Hall; 12. Scherb; 13. Ty Williams; 14. Taylor Velazquez; 15. Tucker Doughty; 16. Blurton; 17. Chance McCrary; 18. Kaden Taylor; 19. Blake Davis; 20. Long.last_img read more

Low-key win for Connacht

first_img Matt Healy and Robbie Henshaw scored tries either side of half-time and 20-year-old tournament debutant Jack Carty kicked the rest of the points for Pat Lam’s men. Carty kicked two penalties to Luciano Orquera’s lone first-half effort, with winger Healy’s first Heineken Cup try – scored while Zebre’s Filippo Ferrarini was in the sin-bin – moving Connacht 13-3 ahead at the break. Connacht got the required victory to keep themselves in the hunt for a Heineken Cup quarter-final place, as they ran out 20-3 winners over Zebre at the Sportsground. Healy did extremely well to fend off Guglielmo Palazzani’s initial tackle and Giulio Toniolatti also lost his grip on the 24-year-old as he crawled over in the left corner. Television match official Iain Ramage gave the thumbs-up to the score, which Carty brilliantly converted from the touchline. Zebre went further behind three minutes into the second half, as Henshaw stepped his way over to the right of the posts after Swift’s clever offload and an instinctive between-the-legs pass from Carty. Carty’s conversion made it 20-3 and the home crowd urged Connacht to cut loose, although the Italians fought valiantly right to the finish. Their stubborn defence prevented the province from using their lineout maul as a springboard for further scores. Healy was unfortunate to lose control of the ball as he dived low for the try-line in the 67th minute following some incisive running from Henshaw and Carr. There was another near miss late on for Healy who got no reward for his own breakaway effort, with Zebre replacement David Odiete getting back to deny him in the same left corner. Despite the frustrating finish, the two-try performance still saw Connacht match their best return in a Heineken Cup season – three wins from last year. They lie third in Pool 3, two points behind Toulouse and Saracens who meet on Sunday. Henshaw then touched down with the promise of more scores, but the concluding 37 minutes were scoreless as the hosts’ bonus-point push failed to materialise. The result is enough to keep Lam’s charges in contention to reach the last eight, a scenario which is only possible if they beat Saracens at Allianz Park next Saturday and other results go their way. Zebre had the better of a scrappy first quarter in Galway that was pockmarked with mistakes, and the kickers also each missed their first shot at the posts. A burst through midfield from Eoin Griffin set up a left-sided penalty for fly-half Carty but he sent his kick narrowly wide, while Orquera also missed the target after an intercept from Kameli Ratuvou. The Italians hit the front in the 16th minute when they won a scrum against the head and their international fly -half punished a Connacht maul infringement with the opening three points. Fionn Carr flew through a gap to get the hosts into scoring range and Carty duly levelled matters with a 34-metre penalty from the left. Carr was again involved just moments later before Henshaw’s chip through bounced favourably for the westerners. Prop Nathan White was held up short after a powerful charge and Zebre flanker Ferrarini saw yellow for not rolling away. Carty claimed the three points on offer and Connacht continued to knock on the door, locks Andrew Browne and Michael Swift both going close before man-of-the-match Healy broke the deadlock five minutes before the break. Press Associationlast_img read more

Sumner graduate hired as new boys’ basketball coach

first_imgSULLIVAN — Kyle Joy can recite the Sumner Memorial High School varsity boys’ basketball team’s record for each of the three seasons he played on the squad.“We were 10-8 my sophomore and junior year and 9-9 my senior year,” said Joy, a 2004 graduate of the school. “We were always in the middle of the pack. We just could never get over that hump.”Joy, 29, now has an opportunity to take the team to the front of the Class C pack as Sumner’s new varsity boys’ basketball head coach.“I love being back,” Joy said. “I’m really excited.”This is placeholder textThis is placeholder textJoy, a lobster fisherman in the summer, accepted the position after Walter Crabtree resigned last season.Joy coached baseball for six years and basketball for one at the Peninsula School in Winter Harbor before jumping up to the high school level.“I’ve coached a lot of these kids in grammar school,” Joy said of his players. “I’ve always come back to watch the high school games.”Joy said his basketball games in high school often attracted a packed gymnasium of fans — an atmosphere he would like to recreate.“I’m trying to bring that school spirit and pride back,” Joy said. “I’m hoping, this year, we’ll fill this place up.”And nothing fills the stands like a successful team. Joy said his goal this season is to make it to the postseason tournament.“We have a pretty balanced team,” Joy said. “There’s a lot of work to be done, but we have a lot of potential.” EHS names new boys’ soccer coach – July 13, 2016 Latest posts by Taylor Vortherms (see all) Part 1: Invisible, incapacitating concussions are sidelining high school athletes – July 19, 2016 Latest Postscenter_img Taylor VorthermsSports Editor at The Ellsworth AmericanTaylor Vortherms covers sports in Hancock County. The St. Louis, Missouri native recently graduated from the Missouri School of Journalism and joined The Ellsworth American in 2013. Part 2: When the injury is inside your head, some “don’t get it” – July 26, 2016 Biolast_img read more

Nikhat Zareen Shunted from World Championship Trials; Writes to Boxing Federation of India

first_imgNew Delhi: Nikhat Zareen was all-set to take on Vanduatilal in the 51-kg trial for the World Championships on Tuesday when the 23-year-old was told by the chairman of the selectors Rajesh Bhandari that her bout wouldn’t take place just to ensure that she is protected for the future and not exposed at a young age in the World Championships.The move has come as a rude shock for both the boxer and her father who had travelled from Hyderabad to the national capital for the trials for the championship to be held in Russia in October.In a letter to the officials of the Boxing Federation of India, accessed by IANS, the boxer requested for an explanation on why she had been stopped from competing even though she had seen her name on the list when the schedule was first released.“As per our discussion yesterday and your assurance that my bout for the 51-kg for the World Championships trials will surely happen today, I’m surprised to see that the schedule list which was circulated this (Wednesday) morning, my name and weight category doesn’t feature.“This is in light of the fact that yesterday my name and weight category was there in the schedule and was supposed to be the first bout. Still at the last moment we were told by all of you officials that my fight with Vanduatilal of All India Police will not take place.”“I request an urgent explanation as to what is happening and what is the final decision in this regard,” she said.In an email to president Ajay Singh, Nikhat Zareen wrote: “I’m writing this email out of sheer frustration and feeling of helplessness. To my utter surprise and disappointment, I was today informed just before the bouts were supposed to start by the Chairman Selection Committee, Rajesh Bhandari, that my bout will not happen today and there are some internal discussions happening to ensure I’m protected for future and avoid getting exposed at a young age in World Championships.“I’m really surprised by this action as I have already participated in World Championships in 2016 and if I was fine then, so in 2019, I surely cannot be young and this cannot be the reason.“I, as a citizen of India and a boxer under BFI, only request that a fair trial should happen for all boxers under your leadership. If there is a rule for all of us, it needs to be consistent for all of us irrespective of whatever stature a particular boxer is. I look forward to your immediate intervention and restoring the faith of every boxer in India.”She represented India at the World Championships at Kazakhstan in 2016 and also won a Bronze in the recently concluded Asian Championship.Speaking to IANS, her father said that the whole thing came as a rude shock because both Nikhat and her opponent were ready to head into the ring when it was announced that the bout wouldn’t take place.“The name was there on 6th (Tuesday), but when they got ready to enter the ring, the judges were also there and after that they were told there will be no trial in her category only.“Then they said that we will discuss the matter and then will let us know if the fight happens today. But again, the name wasn’t there on the list. They are saying it is the order of the federation. The president has always been very supportive and this has been surprising. We wanted a fair trial and nothing more. We are still waiting for a clarity in the matter,” he rued.“Here we are aiming for the Olympics and see where we are stuck. Hoping that even if not today, they hold the trials tomorrow. She has been consistent and has performed against some of the best boxers and age cannot be an issue.” Nikhat was the Junior World Champion in 2011 and Youth World Silver Medalist in 2013. (IANS)Also Read: Nikhat Zareen, Deepak Singh Storm Into Semi Finals Of Thai Boxing Meetlast_img read more

BCB/NBS 2nd Division Cricket Tournament| Rose Hall Town Bakewell capture title

first_imgTHE Rose Hall Town Bakewell cricket team last Sunday captured the Berbice Cricket Board/New Building Society (BCB/NBS) Second Division 40-Over title when they easily defeated D’Edward Cricket Club by 71 runs at the Albion Community Centre ground.Rose Hall Town Bakewell were inspired by brilliant all-round performances from skipper Kevin Sinclair and Junior Sinclair, both Guyana junior national players as they lifted their sixth Berbice Second Division Championship.The final was played in front of a noisy fair-size crowd in brilliant sunshine. D’Edward won the toss and, to the surprise of Rose Hall Town Bakewell, elected to field.The Sinclair cousins started slowly but later blossomed to put on 131 for the first wicket in 26 overs, before Junior Sinclair was caught off the bowling of H. Lalsa for 43 from 71 balls.Kevin continued to play in his attacking style, and together with Surendra Kissoonlall, took the score to 190 for 1 in the 36th over.Kissoonlall scored 25 effortless runs in the 59-run partnership before he was dismissed while Sinclair fell shortly after for a brilliant 119 from 112 balls. His innings included 11 sweetly-timed boundaries.Rose Hall Town Bakewell ended on 211 for 8 from their allotted 40 overs as the rest of the batsmen tried to score quickly in the final four overs. Bowling for D’Edward, Keith Fraser took 2 for 23; Romesh Boodram, 2 for 20 and Eon Abel, 2 for 17.Skipper Kevin Sinclair collects the winning trophy.Needing to score 212 to win their third title at this level, D’Edward started like a house on fire as they raced to 33 without loss in the fourth over, before Lakeraj Sookhra was run-out by a direct hit by Kevlon Anderson for 22.Heeralall Bridgelall was also run-out for a duck at 48 for 2 before Romesh Boodram was caught off left-arm spinner Keith Simpson for one.Opener Altaf Khan and Deandranauth Persaud then added 50 crucial runs for the fourth wicket before the partnership was broken by Junior Sinclair at 112 for 4 in the 26th over.With D’Edward needing to score about seven runs per over, the pressure proved too much for the other batsmen. Persaud eventually fell for 39, but Devendra Lalsa (0), Jaipaul Heeralall (6), Eon Abel (2), Keith Fraser (3) and H. Lalsa (1) all fell cheaply as D’Edward folded for 141 all out in 34 overs.Junior Sinclair (4-30), Kevin Sinclair (2-28), Keith Simpson (1-15) and Jonathan Rampersaud (1-13) all bowled well for the champions.BCB president Hilbert Foster hailed the completion of the 90-team tournament in just eight months as a remarkable achievement, and stated that it was the shortest time in which the tournament was completed in the 12-year history of NBS-sponsored cricket in the Ancient County.Foster also hailed the continued support of NBS, and noted the contributions of Dr Nanda Gopaul, Anil Beharry and Rana Persaud. He also disclosed that BCB was expecting to host over 30 finals in 2019.NBS Berbice Manager Rana Persaud noted that the financial institution was pleased to be associated with Berbice cricket and with the level that was played during the tournament.A pleased Persaud also congratulated the cricket board on its outstanding organising of Guyana’s largest cricket tournament and announced that NBS would continue its support in the future.Kevin Sinclair was named Man-of-the-Final and received $10 000 and a trophy. The champions and runners-up received $100 000 and $50 000 respectively along with trophies.last_img read more

3 takeaways from Syracuse’s 71-46 loss to Louisville

first_img Comments Facebook Twitter Google+ Published on March 6, 2020 at 4:31 pm Contact David: [email protected]center_img GREENSBORO, N.C. — No. 8-seed Syracuse (16-15, 9-9 Atlantic Coast) fell to No. 1-seed Louisville (28-3, 16-2), 71-46, in the ACC tournament quarterfinals on Friday afternoon at the Greensboro Coliseum. The loss erases the Orange’s hopes at an NCAA tournament bid, ending a seven-year streak in which head coach Quentin Hillsman has led SU to the big dance. Lockdown LouisvilleThe biggest factor in Syracuse’s blowout loss was Louisville’s stifling defense. The Cardinals held the Orange to 5-for-29 shooting (1-for-10 3PM) and just 13 points in the first half, SU’s lowest-scoring half since 2012 — as far as the team’s site game-by-game records go. Louisville was particularly effective in limiting Syracuse perimeter players Kiara Lewis, Gabrielle Cooper and Digna Strautmane. The trio combined to shoot 10-for-43 (23.2%).The Cardinals didn’t dominate by cutting off passing lanes or blocking shots. Rather, it was tenacious defense and communication that created so many problems for Syracuse. They didn’t allow Lewis to drive and kick at all, and when she did, she was closed down immediately. Whenever a screen was set for Lewis, Lousiville’s defenders switched, often pitting the Cardinals’ forwards on the 5-foot-6 SU guard. Lewis was rarely able to get into the paint, the area of the court she has been so effective this season.The class of the ACCAdvertisementThis is placeholder textNot only did Louisville prove its prominence as the top seed of the ACC tournament, but ACC player of the year Dana Evans finally shined against the Orange. In two games against SU during the regular season, Evans averaged 11 points and shot a combined 7-for-34, well below her season average of 17.9 points per game.On Friday, Evans orchestrated Lousiville’s offense and torched SU from deep. The junior dropped 24 points on 8-for-17 shooting. Her two 3-pointers in the opening three minutes of the second half further buried Syracuse and its comeback hopes. Whenever SU employed its full-court press, Evans was poised with the ball, either sending pinpoint cross-court passes or dashing past players to get into the frontcourt. The Orange forced her into five turnovers in the Feb. 9 meeting, something she did just twice on Friday.It wasn’t just Evans that showed up. Jazmine Jones, Bionca Dunham and Kylee Shook combined for 30 points and 4-for-7 shooting from behind the arc. Jones added 10 rebounds and four assists while the 6-foot-4 Shook blocked three shots.A new lookIn the final minutes of the third quarter, Hillsman inserted a never-before-seen small lineup into the game. First, it was Lewis, Cooper, Maeva Djaldi-Tabdi, Elemy Colomé and Taleah Washington, a lineup that sparked a 6-0 run to close out the quarter and bring the Orange within 20 points. In an afternoon in which SU had little to cheer about, the performance by the lineup was inspiring.Hillsman continued to experiment with the lineup in the fourth quarter, including putting Strautmane at center for Djaldi-Tabdi and giving graduate transfer Brooke Alexander her first minutes of the game. Washington and Lewis led a 9-3 Syracuse run to open the fourth quarter, and the Orange were outscored by just two in the period. The small lineup also accounted for four of SU’s five made 3-pointers on the afternoon.last_img read more

Three Nigerians to Win REXONA’s Trip to Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge

first_imgThree lucky Nigerian football fans are to win all-expense paid trip to train and play with Chelsea Football stars in London this year in the ongoing Rexona’s ‘Street to Stamford’ campaign.Unilever Nigeria’s Rexona deodorant brand recently kicked off a series of consumer engagement activities through a universal shared passion for the beautiful game of football.Dubbed the “Rexona Street to Stamford”, the campaign is a national competition from which three very lucky Nigerian representatives will be selected to be part of an Africa 11 team, to train and play with the Chelsea Football stars at their home in London, UK. The ongoing consumer activation which is generating much awareness for the brand at several touch points including major shopping malls, tertiary institutions (university and college campuses), playfields and at high traffic locations across Lagos, Enugu, Abuja etc. has so far engaged thousands of exciting consumers.The very lucky consumers to be selected during the “Street to Stamford” tournament will spend three days in July 2018, with a team of local (Nigerian) and international coaches, including popular sports influencers at the training academy grounds of Teslim Balogun Stadium, in Lagos.Speaking about the ongoing national consumer engagement activities for the Rexona Street to Stamford Campaign, Category Manager Skin Care & Deos, Unilever Nigeria, Adetoun Adegbite, said: “Our goal is to drive for brand connection through our consumers’ passion for football especially in light of our global partnership with Chelsea FC.“Thus, through our brand engagement, we continue to reflect the love and pride that our consumers have for the game, as well as reinforcing the functional benefits of Rexona deodorant in positively causing life changing opportunities, especially for young Nigerians,” observed the Unilever official.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegramlast_img read more